LEGO 2K Drive Cheats and Tips


LEGO 2K Drive Cheats and Tips


Press Down to Fire Weapons Backward

Here’s one of the most essential Lego 2K Drive tips that is undoubtedly inspired by the Mario Kart franchise. Let’s say you have a rocket equipped and you want to fire that sucker at the racer behind you. Well, press down on the analog stick and press B or O to fire it behind you. It’s useful to get rid of pesky racers that are right up your tail.

Don’t be Afraid to Restart Open Events

No doubt you will encounter a lot of events when you’re driving out in Bricklandia. If you happen to mess up during these quick events, you can always restart by pressing up on the D-Pad. Next time, it will help you better plan to execute your run for the event.

Lego 2K Drive Tips – Hit the Jump Button at the Height of a Ramp to get a Boost

Similar to Mario KartLego 2K Drive borrows its jump boost mechanic. Be sure to hit the jump button (Y or Triangle) right at the end of a ramp/cliff to get a nice jump boost.

Use Quick Turn for Collection Objectives

Another one of the most solid Lego 2K Drive tips to take away is when to use quick turn. Players can execute the move by pressing (X or Square) and the vehicle will turn insanely fast. It’s very useful when you’re trying to collect items that are bunched up next to each other.

Drift Don’t Quick Turn in Races

Drifting is an art style and luckily it’s not that hard to pull off in Lego 2K Drive. When approaching a tight turn, press and hold the LT/L2 button to send your vehicle into a drift. It’ll provide a slight boost, but more importantly, it will carry your momentum. It’s a better option than quick turning during races as drifting won’t slow you down like quick turning.

Always Use Your Boost During Races

t’s easy to forget that you have a boost available. So, make it a habit to continue using your boost during races. Especially after turns, as it could give you the edge over your opponents.