Torchlight: Infinite Cheats and Tips


Torchlight: Infinite Cheats and Tips


Try Different Heroes

You can choose between five different heroes at the start of the game. Each offers unique skills and play styles, so you’ll want to see what they each offer as you tackle the game. You can pick whichever hero appeals to you, from gunslingers to sword wielders.

For example, if you want to get into the action with a melee character, you’ll want to play Moto or Rehan. If you prefer ranged attacks, try Carino, Gemma, or Youga. However, their differences go beyond ranged and melee: each character has different skills and abilities to make them distinct.

Some even have unique features, such as Moto getting minions to help him fight or Carino having an ammo system. You should try Rehan or Gemma for a beginner-friendly option. However, if you have more experience, Moto and Carino must work with their minions or manage their resources, making them interesting units. If you want something middle of the road, try Youga.

You can make multiple characters, so try out each one to see who you like. For example, even though Gemma and Youga are both mages, you may prefer Gemma’s fire and ice magic over Youga’s use of spacetime and illusions.

It never hurts to see which heroes you like, so play each and then work on leveling one up.

Move And Attack To Stay Alive

In an isometric game like this, you must effectively use your movement to stay alive. While some ARPGs are easy and let you stand still, tank damage, and focus on attacks, you can’t do that in Torchlight: Infinite. Instead, you must learn how to kite enemies to survive.

Kiting means you attack your enemies from a distance while moving away from them whenever they get close to you. Ranged heroes usually excel at kiting, while melee heroes must tank the hits and survive.

Melee heroes can still kite by running away when they get low on health, and attacking the enemies when their moves come off cooldown. You’ll want to balance your movement with your attacking if you want to survive and avoid taking too much damage.

Kiting matters even more during boss fights. Since they’ll have powerful attacks designed to take you down, you must work around your abilities and movement to survive.

Adjust Your Skills

You’ll unlock more skills as you continue through the game. You only have access to two when you first start, so you’ll want to determine which ones you want to equip. Most people go with one offensive and one defensive ability at the start so that they can fight and survive. For example, Youga has icicles that deal good damage, but you’ll want to choose between the instant healing or healing over time potions as your second skill.

Torchlight: Infinite offers further customization by allowing you to augment your abilities with adjustments. For example, if you have Youga’s Ice Lance ability, you can equip the Multiple Projectiles perk to shoot three icicles. It deals a bit less damage but is better for many enemies and guarantees more hits. As you level up, you’ll unlock more adjustments for your abilities, so check them often to see what you get.

Your skills level up as you use them. However, they won’t upgrade until you go into the menu and choose to improve it once it gets enough experience.

You can also upgrade it quickly if you pick the icon at the top of the screen.