Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny Cheats


Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny Cheats



Using Jubei Alternate, press L2 to toggle the sunglasses.

After Game Clear (US)

These codes are for the (US) release.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Issen Mode Clear Team Oni (mini-game). This is the toughest difficulty. Even though the enemies and bosses can be damaged, they only can be killed off with a ”issen” (critical hit).
Mind Twister Mode Clear the game, and collect all 18 artworks.
Teaser FMV (the preview movie of Onimusha 3), The Man in Black mini-game, and Team Oni mini-game. Complete the game for the first time.
Unlock Critical Difficulty Complete the Team Oni mini-game once to unlock Critical difficulty level in the ”Special Features” menu. In this difficulty, you can only kill enemies with a critical hit. Plus, Ultimate Mode is disabled.
Unlock Easy Difficulty Die three times in the game and Easy difficulty level becomes available in the ”Special Features” menu.
Unlock Extra Jubei Acquire the Fashionable Goods item and complete the game with an ”S” ranking to unlock Extra Jubei in the ”Special Features” menu. Use L2 to equip.
Unlock Extra Oyu Play the game repeatedly and make good alliances with the sub-characters until you acquire 100% of the scenarios in Scenario Route. Extra Oyu will be unlocked in the ”Special Features” menu.
Unlock Hard Difficulty Complete the game on Normal difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty in the ”Special Features” menu.
Unlock Onimusha Team Mode Beat the game at least once to unlock this mode. This is a special mini-game that enables you to play a variety of characters through several previous sections of the game.
Unlock Puzzle Phantom Realm Mini-game Collect all 18 artworks in the normal game and then complete it to unlock Puzzle Phantom Realm mini-game in the ”Special Features” menu. In this game mode, there are no enemies.
Unlock Ultimate Mode Complete the game on Hard difficulty to unlock Ultimate Mode in the ”Special Features” menu. Toggle Ultimate Mode on to start a new game. Rekka-Ken sword, unlimited arrows, unlimited bullets, 30 Perfect Medicine, 10 Talisman, unlimited magic, and more.