Red Matter 2 Trophies Cheats


Red Matter 2 Trophies Cheats


Glory to Volgravia! (Platinum Trophy)

Get all the trophies

The Force Is Strong With This One (Bronze Trophy)

Find the fuse and fix the airlock at the Atlantic Union’s lunar base

Fly Me to the Moon (Bronze Trophy)

Successfully complete the jetpack tutorial

Scanning the Stars (Bronze Trophy)

Scan all four documents from the Atlantic Union’s storage unit

One Small Step for Man… (Silver Trophy)

Land at Toska Station, a research facility orbiting Saturn

I’m in! (Bronze Trophy)

Solve the first holo-puzzle at Toska Station

Belly of the Whale (Bronze Trophy)

Break free from your vision at Toska Station

The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Bronze Trophy)

Unlock the suit’s built-in flashlight module

The Blue Planet’s Pale Companion (Gold Trophy)

Land on Triton, Neptune’s enigmatic moon.

Stealth in Space (Bronze Trophy)

Survive the first automated defense turret at Triton

Batteries Not Included (Gold Trophy)

Travel by train to the mines

The First Contact (Bronze Trophy)

Reach “Ground Zero” in the mines of Strelka N1

The Weapon Within (Silver Trophy)

Come back from the vision at Ground Zero

Turret Terminator (Silver Trophy)

Destroy all automated defense turrets in the mines

End of the Line (Gold Trophy)

Take the train and reach the secondary entrance.

Drone Wars: A Newbie’s Hope (Silver Trophy)

Destroy the first two defense drones

Forbidden Knowledge (Bronze Trophy)

Find the interplanetary missiles with Red Matter

False Fire (Gold Trophy)

Reach the Main Hall at Strelka N1

No-Drone Zone (Bronze Trophy)

Turn off one of the drone deployment override panels

Drone Slayer (Gold Trophy)

Destroy 25 of the OCU1v5 drones

Vertical Robot (Silver Trophy)

Locate and scan a charming vintage tin robot

Hubris in the Age of Knowledge (Bronze Trophy)

Listen to Dr. Lysenko’s holo-recording

Sacrificed for the Motherland (Bronze Trophy)

Listen to Aleksei Petrov’s terrifying revelation

There is no up nor down, only forward. (Gold Trophy)

Enter Dr. Lysenko’s laboratory and witness the unexplainable

Beyond the Stars (Gold Trophy)

Find Stas Volkov