Winter's Wish: Spirits of Edo Ohtaro’s route Cheat


Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo Ohtaro’s route Cheat



Ohtaro’s route is the last route you should try to complete. Getting the Affection ending for Kuga and then Tomonari is required before you will unlock Ohtaro’s chapter. While you only need to finish these two routes before starting Ohtaro’s, we recommend you also complete Tojo, Kinji, and Yoichi’s routes before to avoid spoilers, and to get the most out of this chapter.

Your choices during the common route don’t affect who’s route you will end up on, so feel free to speak to people in any order you like. The only decision that matters in this first part is the choice to join the Entertainment District. Once you do this you will be locked into choosing between Kinji and Ohtaro’s route.


Ohtaro’s Route: Entertainment District choices

Here are all the choices that raise your affection with Ohtaro in the Entertainment District route.