The Lord of the Rings - Gollum Chapter 1 Cheats


The Lord of the Rings – Gollum Chapter 1 Cheats


How To Reach Gollum’s Cave

When Gollum emerges from the rocks, follow the path forward, jumping to get over ledges, pits, and other obstacles, until you reach a cave. Climb up the platform in front of you, then jump to the hanging ledge against the far wall.

Climb along the wall to the right until you can drop down on the other side, then use a running jump to reach the ledge to the right. Climb the lichen on the wall, jumping as needed to reach the top.

After climbing the lichen course, you’ll see two paths; one that leads straight ahead at ground level, and a raised path to the left that you can reach by jumping. Follow the upper route, and you’ll find a small hole that you can crawl through; inside is the Whetstone, the area’s only collectible.

Return to the bottom and take the straight path to another climbing section. Take a right at the top and drop down the other side to reach the next path along the cliffside. After a short cutscene, you’ll be able to continue climbing to the right along the edge of the cliff, then up to Gollum’s cave.

How To Catch The Bird

Inspect the drawing on the rock in the middle of the pool, then the one on the stalagmite ahead and to the right Finally, look at the carving on the far wall.

When Gollum hears a noise, look for a small tunnel to the left of the Shelob shrine. Crawl through, then climb the wall that you find on the other side.

Make your way around so that you’re above the tunnel that you just came through, then run at the wall with the vertical etchings to reach the top. Follow the course, using your new wall run ability to follow the bird.

When you reach the edge of a cliff, turn right to find the next climbable area. Near the top, you’ll be able to jump backward to reach a ledge and continue. Just before you reach the top, you’ll hear a pair of orcs talking.

Move into the grass to hide from the orcs. Slowly make your way to the right, toward the spiderweb, to find a path away from them. A running jump will put you back on track to follow the bird, but be careful – you’ll soon come to a ledge with an orc waiting below who will catch you if you make too much noise.

To get past the orc, jump over his head in the direction that the bird flew; run and jump across the chasm when he gives chase. Continue along the course until you reach the birds, when a cutscene will trigger.

Once the cutscene finishes, follow the orcs at a safe distance. Crawl to stay low, and stay in the tall grass whenever possible. The orcs aren’t actually looking for you, so they won’t notice as long as you don’t make noise or get in front of them.

When the orcs reach the gate, climb the tower to the right instead of following them through. Walk across the roof to a climbable wall, and use it to trail the orcs from above.

When you reach the end of the lichen, wait for the orcs to pass then drop down behind them to continue following them at ground level.

As the orcs approach the spider tunnel, hide in the grass to the right. One will go ahead to get a torch; while he’s gone, sneak up behind the other to eliminate him. Don’t let go of the attack button until the orc is dead; otherwise he’ll recover and kill you.

After Gollum and Smeagol finish talking, crawl forward and pick up stones against the stalagmite just inside the tunnel. You can carry up to five, so fill up.

Stay behind the stalagmite and throw a rock at the lantern. You’ll know you have the right angle when the aiming cursor turns green. Another cutscene will play, and you’ll encounter your first argument between Smeagol and Gollum. It doesn’t matter which outcome you choose, as either way you’ll end up in a cavern below.

Escaping The Nazgul

You won’t be able to move very fast due to the injury Gollum has sustained. Move forward until you see three mushrooms, which you can pick and eat to replenish your health. WIth your mobility restored, keep going forward and enter the abandoned tunnels.

The tutorial will show you how to use Gollum’s heightened senses to help find objectives. This way, you can find the correct path through the tunnels: right, left, right.

At the fourth fork, both paths are blocked by a Nazgul. They’ll slowly move toward you, but there’s no escaping them. When Gollum is apprehended by the Ring-Wraiths, the chapter ends.