The Lord of the Rings - Gollum Collectibles Cheats


The Lord of the Rings – Gollum Collectibles Cheats


Shadow Mountains Collectibles

Collectible 1 Whetstone

Gollum screenshot showing gollum staring into a dark corner with craggy mountains behind him.

During the first level of the game, keep an eye out for a raised section you can climb up to the left, as pictured above. You’ll need to clamber up and follow this path all the way around, going back on yourself a little bit too. Eventually you’ll end up at a hole you have to crawl to get through, and on the other side, you’ll find the Whetstone which is the game’s first available collectible. 


Barad-Dur Beast Pits

Collectible 1 Boroc Hair

Gollum screenshot showing gollum at the top of a ramp with many beast cages stretching off into the distance.
Just to the left of this ramp, you’ll find the next collectible. 

When you’re being introduced to your new duties as a slave in the tower of Barad-Dur, you’ll have to go down to the beast pits. When you approach, you’ll see a small ramp, and around to the left of the ramp is a glowing item which is this area’s collectible. 


Barad-Dur Mines Collectibles

Collectible 1 Bat Wing

Gollum screenshot showing gollum looking at an orc who has his back turned next to a ledge and a wall with white marks across it.
Use the running wall to your left to get the next collectible. 

At some point in your new life as a slave, you’ll be sent into the mine to collect the tags of dead workers. Follow the path laid out by the game until you reach a section with a running wall to your left while an orc looks out over the lava below to the right. Use the running path to reach the Bat Wing collectible lying out in the open. 


Barad-Dur Slave Pits Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Old Metal Spoon

Gollum screenshot showing an open door in a rocky cave somewhere while Gollum looks slightly off-camera.
Keep an eye out for this door on your way back, as this is the only time it’s open for you to grab your collectible. 

On your way back from your first day in the mines, you’ll notice that the door just before you reach your room has been left open. You can go inside before ending your day and grab a metal spoon just waiting inside the right edge of the door. 


Barad-Dur Candle Man’s Chambers/Bird Tower Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Feather

Gollum screenshot showing a close up of Gollum in a box-filled room
You can see the climable ledge on those boxes in the screenshot. Starting there, the path to the collectible is relatively obvious.

During the bird-breeding puzzle, you can come across a bunch of climable boxes at the back of the room. Climbing up these boxes reveals the formula for breeding one of the types of bird eggs, but if you keep going, you’ll reach some rafters where a hidden feather is waiting for be collected. 

Collectible 2 – Picture of Baggins

Gollum screenshot showing a dark-wood-pannelled room with several desks. One fo the desks contains an image while Gollum stands nearby.
This is the desk that carries your latest collectible. 

At the start of Chapter 5, you’ll have to convince the Candle Man to leave his tower. Before you start taking any measures to complete your mission, check out the desk in the Candle Man’s room that is furthest from the man himself to find a drawing someone has done of Bilbo Baggins lying around the area. 


Barad-Dur Halls of Grond Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Piece of Leather

Gollum screenshot showing gollum standing on a wooden walkway, looking down at other walkways below him.
This is the doorway you’re looking for if you’re trying to take the correct path to the collectible instead of the quick way. 

This collectible can be found while you’re clambering around on the giant wheel. It’s waiting on the rafters near the part of the wheel that has giant, barrel-like spokes instead of those swing-able rods. You can actually ride the barrels up and jump over to the rafters, or you can follow the regular route until you get on top of the structure. From here, drop from the end of the walkway, and you’ll end up back inside on the right level to pick up the collectible. 

Collectible 2 – Piece of Metal

Gollum screenshot showing gollum hanging on the edge of a spinning wheel with various walkways and catwalks waiting below.
You can just about make out the collectible on that walkway in the distance if you squint hard enough. 

After moving the crane, you’ll start to ascend again, eventually finding yourself having to run across the top of one of the wheels, then jump and grab onto a second wheel that is spinning horizontally. If you climb onto this wheel, you can just about make out the next collectible waiting for you at the end of a walkway just off the beaten path, as pictured above. 

Barad-Dur Catacombs Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Spider’s Eye 

Gollum screenshot showing Gollum crawling low to the ground in a dark cave.
It’s actually pretty tough to miss this one. 

During your exploration of the catacombs, you’ll have to sneak past a room filled with spiders. When you enter the room just beyond this, you should find it’s mostly safe You should also see a round object on the floor ahead, which is this area’s collectible, the Spider’s Eye. 

Barad-Dur Service Tower Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Piece of Boroc Tusk

Gollum screenshot showing a burning torch at the end of a wooden platform.
As long as you keep checking each of these torches, you’ll find the collectible. 

At the very start of the area, you’ll have to climb up an abandoned service tower. During the climb, you should see various flaming torches on the end of wooden arms. As you climb, check out the ones you have access to, and you should find the piece of boroc tusk waiting on one of them. 

Collectible 2 – Nail

Gollum screenshot showing Gollum standing on an arm that is reaching out over a chasm.
Despite the precarious nature of the platform, it’s worth climbing over the slight rise to find your collectible waiting below. 

After you’ve found the Greshneg and left him, you’ll eventually come across an orc walking across two arc-shaped bridges. Once you sneak past him and climb up the nearby climable walls, you’ll get to the top of a tower. Ignore the path ahead, and check out the arm that’s hanging over the chasm instead. On the other rsid eof it, there’s another collectible, a nail, waiting on the edge. 


Collectible 3 – Piece of Metal

Gollum screenshot showing a close up of GOllum hiding underneath a crane
You can just about see the hand-holds hiding on the central collum of the crane. Climb up them to collect your prize. 

Keep sneaking through the area, and you’ll come to a section of the level where you have to sneak by two orcs in a square area with a crane in the middle. Take out the patrolling orc, then climb up the crane from the raised platform in the middle. You can actually see handholds sticking out if you look under the crane itself. On the end of the crane you’ll find the piece of metal that you’re looking for. 

Collectible 4 –  Dead Beetle

Gollum screenshot showing gollum standing on top of a building near a lot of wooden scaffolding.
That raised area at the back looks unassuming, but it hides your collectible. 

After you complete the cart escape sequence, you’ll be tasked with climbing to the top of a building at the end. Once you reach the top, explore the area towards the back of the building near the raised area next to the scaffolding. Here you’ll find a collectible dead beetle. 

Shelob’s Lair Collectibles

Gollum screenshot showing gollum in a very narrow passage that ends in an exposed ledge.
Making the jump to this tiny hidden ledge is a real pain. 

Collectible 1 – Orc’s Tooth

While you’re leading the Greshneg through the darkness, you’ll have to move ahead on your own to help him get by. Once you crawl through the tunnel and along the ledges, you’ll end up on a little ledge sitting over the darkness. Look behind you for a running wall, but be prepared to jump at the last possible moment. It’s quite a tricky jump, and failing means the slow crawl through the tunnel again, but it’s worth it.

If you pull it off, you’ll jump onto a hidden ledge beneath the bridge. Climb up and follow the path around until you reach the colletbile Orc’s Tooth sitting on a little ledge. From here, you can jump straight over to the lever you were aiming for, instead of having to climb about again.

Thranduil’s Halls – Cellar

Collectible 1 – Rope

Gollum screenshot showing an elf cooking while Gollum crouches behind the counter.
The rope is lying around on the floor waiting for you to grab it. 

When you’re searching the cellar, check out the kitchen. Just behind the cooking elf you’ll find a rope sitting on the floor behind the counter, just waiting to be picked up. 

Collectible 2 – Bear Figurine

Gollum screenshot showing gollum crouching on a table with a blue-glowing bear-figurine nearby.
Using instinct vision makes some of the collectibles quite obvious. 

You can grab this one at any time when you have access to the cellar. Look for a ramp leading down that will take you to a hidden basement room. On the table in this room you can find a bear figurine for you to collect. 

River Path Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Fish Bones

Gollum screenshot showing a splitting path amongst the trees and rivers.
The left half of the path ahead will lead you to another collectible. 

As you’re exploring the river path, take the left path when the fork comes. Follow the path along until you see a bunch of swinging posts, plants, and climbing ledges, as pictured above. Follow the path and you should see the fish bones waiting ahead. 

Thranduil’s Halls Great Cavern/Queen’s Waterfall Collectibles 

Collectible 1 – Brooch

Gollum screenshot showing an underwater tunnel entrance with a carved lintel.
This is the hole you’re looking for, but make sure you have enough air to make it through the tunnel before you just swim inside. 

Once you’re caught during your attempted escape down the River Path, you’ll be escorted back to the door to the cellars by two elves. Ignore them and run back to the fish-filled pond you just passed. As well as hoovering up an achievement by eating one of these fish, you can find a small hole in the cave wall beneath the surface of the water. Swim down this hole to find a Brooch waiting in a cave at the end. 

Collectible 2 – Piece of Marble

Gollum screenshot showing gollum shimmying along a ledge mostly covered in vines.
That balcony to the left is where you’re trying to get to. The collectible is sitting on one of the various benches. 

As you’re climbing your first tower for Mell, you’ll find a split in the path, one going left and another going up. Take the left path to find yourself on a balcony that hides the piece of marble collectible that you’re looking for. 

Collectible 3 – Harp’s String

Gollum screenshot showing gollum crouched on a little grassy ledge over swift-flowing water.
This little ledge is easily-missed by the unobservent. 

After bringing the second bell and climbing up the last of the tower, you’ll end up in a section with very fast-flowing water. Instead of jumping over the water and continuing on your way, jump in and keep an eye out for a raised platform on your right. Climb onto it as the current takes you past and you’ll find the Harp’s String waiting for you. 

Thranduil’s Halls – Riddlemaster’s Chambers

Collectible 1 – Splinter

Gollum screenshot showing a workshop covered in wood shavings and splinters.
You’ll have to go through a little pain, but it’s worth it for the collectible. 

When you’re checking out the Riddlemaster’s Chambers, you should come across his woodcrafting workshop. If you crawl around in the wood shavings on the floor, you’ll accidentally get a splinter trapped in your hand. After a brief snippet of dialogue between Mel and Smeagol, you can pick the splinter up from the corner. 

Collectible 2 – Shiny Button

In the Riddlemaster’s Chambers, you’ll find a raised balcony section with discarded wine bottles. At the back of the room is a grabbable ledge which you can use to climb into an alcove. On that alcove is a Shiny Button for you to grab. 

Thranduil’s Halls – King’s Chambers

Collectible 1 – Pearl

Gollum screenshot showing a wet cavern with a pool at the bottom. Gollum is crouched on a ledge overlooking the water and several platforms below.
Normally, you’d have to jump down to the right, but instead, jump up onto the high ledge straight ahead. 

Once you’ve clambered up onto the ledge above your starting position, you can make a bit of a risky jump over to the left instead of the right. This leads to a series of hanging ledges that leads to a spot above the water you started the level in. On the last one of these alcoves is a pearl for you to pickup. Be careful, as falling into the water means swimming back to the beginning and starting over again. 

Collectible 2 – Badger’s Claw

Gollum screenshot showing Gollum crouched in a wet cavern with a nearby mark on the wall showing various scratches and hand/foot prints.
This is the jumping pad you need to backjump from if you want the collectible. 

In the same chamber as the last collectible, you’ll have to wait until you’re about to enter the small hole that leads to the king’s rooms. To your right you should see a jump pad as pictured above. If you jump onto this and reverse jump, you’ll attach to a previously unseen ledge. From here, backjump one more time to reach a ledge with a badger claw at the end. 

The King’s Gardens Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Twig & Flower

Gollum screenshot showing a beautiful ruined tower covered in plants
This is quite a large collectible, making it hard to miss unless you don’t move your camera around much. 

When you’re climbing the tower in the King’s Gardens make sure you keep heading straight up until you get to the top. Instead of heading down the other side, look behind you to see another collectible, the Twig & Flower, waiting on the opposite walkway of the tower. 

Collectible 2 – Bird Bones

Gollum screenshot showing gollum standing on an alcove above a walkway with various elven figures visible in the background.
This one is so close to the beaten path, and yet so easy to miss if you’re not careful. 

After going through the desk-mask garden just after the tower, you’ll find yourself in a squared-off courtyard. Make your way around the outside, until you get to the building on the southern edge of the area (check your map.) Inside this building on the upper floor is an elf you’ll need to sneek by. In the middle alcove on your right is the bird bones collectible. 

Mirkwood The Old Belltower Collectibles

Collectible 1 – Elvish Figurine

Gollum screenshot showing a log with a glowing figurine inside it, while Gollum stands in the foreground.
The figure is well-hidden by the grass, but can be found if you keep your eyes peeled for it. 

During your approach to the tower, you’ll have to walk past a large moss-covered log on your left. If you look inside the log, which is near the old tower itself, you’ll see an elvish figurine. If you’re struggling, instinct-vision should make it super easy to find.