Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition Cheats and Tips


Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition Cheats and Tips


Always Use Cover

One noticeable difference in Company of Heroes 3 compared to its predecessors is the overall accuracy of troops. Leaving units exposed and out of cover is a guaranteed way to lose an even firefight, and even marginal cover is better than none. Buildings will provide the best protection for infantry units, followed by any cover that is marked with green squares when hovered near (with troops selected).

Yellow squares indicate weaker cover while white squares represent a lack of cover. Engineer squads can be used to construct sandbags and fighting positions if no cover is available, but this will take some time. Once constructed, any units will be able to use this, even if the engineer squad is wiped out. Bear in mind, though, that units in cover will become more vulnerable to fire and explosive damage, so watch out for enemy flamethrowers and Flammpanzer tanks!

Use Tactical Pause

When playing in single-player, it is possible to pause Company of Heroes 3 by pressing the spacebar while still retaining a view of the battlefield and the ability to issue commands. In shorter games with a lower victory points limit, this becomes essential as positioning, building, or reinforcing at the correct time can be the difference between victory and defeat in any game.

Utilizing this COH3 feature can buy players valuable time in order to assess the layout of the battlefield and avoid committing unwanted mistakes. This will also give newer players time to read the strengths and weaknesses of each Unit, Ability, Upgrade, and Battlegroup before committing them to production and to the field.


Capture Points Immediately

From the get-go of any battle, it is crucial to try to capture strategic points as early as possible. There are several types of points in the game, the first being victory points – these are indicated by a star on the map which will change either red or blue depending on whether the player or their enemy occupies it.

In addition to these, there are several other points that can be captured in order to gain resources. These points will start to generate one of two types of in-game currency: munitions and fuel. Munitions will enable more units to be produced, but fuel will also be needed in order to construct vehicles such as tanks.

Fuel is generally a more scarce commodity, making the capture of fuel points all the more essential. Keep in mind that captured points will need to be connected in order to deliver resources back to the HQ; if the supply chain is broken, no resources can be gained from the isolated capture points.

Construct New Buildings As Soon As Possible

From the headquarters building, it will be possible to construct more buildings by selecting them from the bottom-right panel beneath the regular units. These buildings will enable the construction of further units in Company of Heroes 3, as well as unlocking special abilities and upgrades. The first type of building will enable more advanced infantry units and weapons groups to be produced, such as mortar teams and anti-tank guns.

The second will generally enable the construction of specialized infantry such as snipers, along with some light vehicles, and the final type will enable the construction of heavy vehicles such as tanks. These buildings and what they can produce are slightly different depending on which faction you are using, so some factions will be able to access certain vehicle types earlier than others.