Phantasy Star Universe Cheats


Phantasy Star Universe Cheats


Unlocking SUV weapons for Extra Mode (Cast race)

Get S-RANK in these missions for them to be available at a shop in Extra mode: 

You need to be at least Lv. 20 to equip them. Missions in Extra Mode are avaialble after you complete them in Story Mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Blitz Buster Shrine of Fanatics (level 35 newdaiz)
Grome Buster Mech Soldier of the Sands (level 40, moatoob)
Hegel Buster Freight Train Rescue (level 15 train mission)
Raphaal Buster The Remnants of Endrum (level 35 mission that starts from the subway)


Open all shops with all items for sale.

After completion of Story Mode, all the shops in Extra Mode will be open and will have all the items available for purchase, including S-rank weapons, Armor, and armor Units. This is limited to the items that those shops can sell. It does not include find-only rares or rare ingredients needed for synthesis (like Kersaline). 

Note: This is limited to offline content. It does not, in any way, effect online play.


Extra Mode

To unlock the Extra Mode, clear chapter 4 in the Story Mode. It will exist on the title screen.