Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! Cheats and Tips


Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! Cheats and Tips


1) Always, ALWAYS look to see what your opponent is doing. This should
be done repeatedly, just glance over and see where his bubbles go up
to. If he has more bubbles on the screen, it's a good sign. If he is
in trouble, switch to a strategy which sends over smaller packets of
bubbles rather than one big attack, to try to finish him off.

2) Always be aware of what colour is coming next. You may be, for
example left with a choice of two shots, one blocking off your trigger
colour and a tricky shot to your combination which, say, puts you on
the very bottom row as the screen has started to shake (ie. one bubble
after this, the screen will move down). If you know that your trigger
colour is next, you should obviously play the latter shot. If you know
a useless colour is coming, you can block off your trigger and keep
alive when the screen comes down. A quick look as your current bubble
is being fired and is on the way will allow you to aim quicker. Just
make sure you don't confuse the current colour with the next colour.
It's easier than you think to do.

In addition, when on the defensive, look for when you'll be able to
clear a couple of bubbles with the next shot. If an uncoordinated
colour is to be fired (ie. one that doesn't match anything or is of
no current use), you could be able to attach it to the colour to be
removed next in a way that it will be removed as well. This is
especially important in difficult situations where there isn't much
room to waste shots (ie. you're in trouble).

3) Relax - it's only Bust-A-Move, no one dies. Play quickly but not
rashly and don't panic if your opponent hits a move. More often than
not you can retaliate easily (after all, he's given you loads of
bubbles to pop!) and put him on the back foot. Also, if you don't see
an immediate use for a certain colour bubble, don't just fire it off
anywhere, look to where it will hinder your development least.

4) If your opponent is in real trouble, you can play immorally by
aiming right to one side and watching your bubble bounce repeatedly
from side to side. If both of you are stuck, and facing imminent death,
waste your entire shot clock if you can't see a way out. It's cowardly,
I know, but if there's something at stake it's a good tactic.

5) If you know, for example, that an awkward bouncing shot will not
hit the target even if you aim it perfectly using the collar buttons,
or that a direct shot simply will not squeeze through a certain gap,
then don't play it!

6) If you gain access to a star, please use it wisely.

7) If you hear that your opponent has hit a combination, check to see
how big it will be. You can tell this by looking at the red and yellow
blobs that will appear at the bottom of your screen. Do this before you
fire anything. If you will be attacked heavily (ie. at least two waves
of bubbles), cancel what you might have been doing with your current
shot and clear as much room as you can if possible. What can happen is
that the colours of bubbles you receive will be highly coordinated and
you can quickly strike back or form a combination.