Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 Cheats and Tips


Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 Cheats and Tips


Rattling the Cages

Players are encouraged to complete the Club’s special wildlife “Observational Studies” periodically offered throughout the game. These require the player to watch their collection of camera feeds and try to uncover the story behind each cage’s Primate subjects. Each feed has its own schedule of daily activities that players will want to take into account while monitoring their subjects.

You’ll draw key Words for your Datapad by clicking on clues and highlighted text within each feed, then make use of the in-game BeeScout web search engine to uncover further connections between these words. Simply click on up to two words in your Datapad to automatically enter them as search terms on BeeScout. Successful search results will bring up new web pages that often contain additional words to unlock, allowing you to try more combinations!

662px-Do_not_feed_the_monkeys_2099_smart_home_cage_words_search_01.jpg 662px-Do_not_feed_the_monkeys_2099_smart_home_cage_words_search_02.jpg


Some words will add WeWaggle contact information for a cage’s primat- errh, subject to your Datapad. Clicking on these WeWaggle chat handles will allow you to speak with that subject directly, away from the prying eyes of the Club!


You can further the chat by choosing any selectable words from your Datapad. Making the right choices can reward you with more unlockable words, or alter the cage’s outcome.


All these results will provide the information needed to complete the Club’s Observational Studies for each cage, but players also have the option of exploring alternate cage outcomes by interacting (or interfering) with the cage’s subjects.

Note that the Observation Club discourages you from getting involved with cage subjects at any level (hence the game’s title!), as doing so “taints” the results of your studies. Changing lives will impact your morality (Bad/Neutral/Good), which will ultimately effect the game’s ending!

Resource Management

In-game time advances automatically around a 24-hour click in 5-minute increments, forcing players to delegate their time between Club duty and earning a living wage! Furthermore, players must also monitor their Hunger and Sleep levels which gradually deplete over time. Letting these important stats get too low will negatively impact the player’s Health; lower Hunger and Sleep levels will cause the Health bar to deplete faster!

Sleep levels can be restored by (you guessed it!) sleeping in your bed to the right of the apartment entrance.

Players can restore Hunger with food. Grab some grub by ordering junk food, or making a trip to the grocery to buy healthier snacks.

Junk food can be ordered from the Eat In’ menu display at the top of the refrigerator in your apartment, and is automatically delivered to the player’s apartment in 1 hour, and restores Hunger while reducing Health!


Note that meals from the Eat In menu are occasionally offered at a discount!

Purchasing any Eat In menu item when it is discounted will unlock the Chain Reaction Achievement!

“Healthier” food can be purchased from a shopping list to the right of the refrigerator handle. These restore Health with NO Health penalties, but players need to spent 30 minutes to make the round trip to the grocery.


All deliveries (including meals or other items) are done by couriers, and you must be at your apartment to receive them.

If you miss a delivery, most couriers will usually try again the next day within the time frame noted on your missed pickup slip.

You will often encounter a slightly defective android courier who has made a wrong delivery to your apartment. It’s worth noting that the player resides in apartment 11, while all incorrect deliveries are typically intended for apartment 3.


You can choose to accept the delivery, even though it doesn’t belong to you! Alternatively, you can decline by telling the android that it made a mistake. Being honest with the mistaken courier may lead to something good later in the game!

In addition to paying for food, players must also make sure they can pay off their Earth Debt to the Galactic Council on a regular basis! Players are required to cough up 90$ every 3 in-game days. Arrogant agents from the Council Debt Collection Office will visit your apartment between 13:00 and 17:00 on the payment due date to collect this fee. The agents will make it a point to visit you again the next day if you are unable to pay (or conveniently weren’t around when they dropped by…), but they won’t extend the grace period more than twice each payment period!

662px-Do_not_feed_the_monkeys_2099_earth_debt_collection_01.jpg 662px-Do_not_feed_the_monkeys_2099_earth_debt_collection_02.jpg


Correctly completing the Club’s Observational Studies (or helping cage primates instead!) will reward you with valuable Credits needed to pay for food and the bills, but these rewards won’t be nearly enough on their own. That means you’ll have to take on part-time jobs outside of Club duty.

Simply check the console to the right of your apartment door (above your bed) to see the list of currently available jobs.


Part-time jobs rotate on a daily basis, and each are available only within select time frames.

Players must work around cage schedules (which our guide provides!) to determine the best times to accept part-time jobs so they don’t miss out on cage activities. Some jobs have requirements that players will need to meet before they can take them on.


Your Health and Sleep levels will still decrease while you spending time working at jobs. There are some exceptions: some can restore your Health or Sleep levels, as you’ll be pigging out or sleeping on the job!