Street Fighter 6 Cheats and Tips


Street Fighter 6 Cheats and Tips



Ryu — Beginner | All-around

Ryu retains a playstyle that serves as the foundation of Street Fighter. He has tools for almost every situation, with the ability to play a zoning game using fireballs, carry to the corner with Hurricane Kicks, and unleash powerful anti-airs via his Dragon Punch.

His move list includes the aforementioned Hadokens, Shoryukens, and Tatsumaki Senpukyakus, giving those who are just starting out or aren’t as proficient in fighting games a perfect jumping off point. On top of that, though, Ryu also comes equipped with some new maneuvers that will provide newcomers with room to grow and learn beyond once they’ve got the basics down.





His Hashogeki sees Ryu concentrate ki within his palms and hit the opponent with a short blast of energy, and the new Denjin Charge technique envelops his fists with the Power of Nothingness and powers up special moves like his Hadoken and Hashogeki.


Useful Attacks:

• Crouching Medium Kick – A great poke in neutral that can be used in the footsies battle to pressure the opponent or whiff punish and confirm into a special move.

• Denjin Charge (down, down + punch) – Power up move that strengthens other special moves like Hadoken (fireball) and Hashogeki (palm burst). Use this move from a safe distance away or after a knockdown to make Ryu’s fireball better and harder to deal with while zoning.

• Shoryuken (forward, down, down-forward + punch) – Ryu’s tried and true anti-air special move. Use this Dragon Punch to stop foes from jumping in on you or the Overdrive version as a wake up EX reversal to stop the opponent’s pressure.


Basic Combos:

• Crouching light kick, crouching light punch, standing light punch, heavy Shoryuken (forward, down, down-forward + heavy punch)

• Standing medium punch, crouching medium punch, Overdrive High Blade Kick (quarter-circle-forward + 2x kick), heavy punch Shoryuken (forward, down, down-forward + heavy punch)

• Solar Plexus Strike (forward + heavy punch), crouching medium punch, heavy punch Shoryuken (forward, down, down-forward + heavy punch), level 3 super (2x quarter-circle-forward + kick)

Luke — Beginner | All-around


Brand new world warrior Luke acts as the main protagonist of Street Fighter 6 and is essentially the Ryu for a new and younger generation. Like the classic Shoto, Luke has a projectile, an uppercut, and an attack that will carry the opponent across the screen so that he can corner them and mount offensive pressure.

At his core, Luke has a similar playstyle to Ryu, but his moves and attacks have some interesting and unique properties that will help newcomers get a good feel for what Street Fighter 6 is all about.




Luke’s Sand Blast projectile is swift and great for pressure, while his Rising Uppercut serves as a strong anti-air for those who try to sail over said projectile or risk it all with a raw jump. One of Luke’s main tools comes in the form of his Flash Knuckle, a short mostly stationary uppercut that can be charged in order to increase its juggle property and earn better follow ups — though the charge timing has to be right for it to work in combos.

The MMA fighter also has normal attacks that move him forward when activated, giving him the advantage of deceptive range and punishes from further out. With all of these tools at his disposal, Luke is another fighter that will work well as an introductory combatant for those who aren’t as comfortable as others in fighting games.


Useful Attacks:

 Crouching Medium Punch – One of Luke’s most prominent and effective pokes in neutral. This attack is great for pressuring the opponent on block and can be used to buffer a special move (usually Overdrive Flash Knuckle) to score a quick combo when the opponent slips up and gets tagged.

• Standing Medium Punch – This quick attack moves Luke forward slightly making it a great poke at deceptive range. It can be cancelled into his Target Combo 4 for a quick 4-hit confirm combo that knocks the opponent down.

• Flash Knuckle (quarter-circle-back + punch / hold punch) – Luke’s most important special move. This attack is used for many of his bread and butter combos, juggling the opponent when the charged version is used (and timed correctly) or when the Overdrive version is performed for an easier combo that leads to more damage with a follow-up attack.

Basic Combos:

• Crouching light kick, crouching light punch, crouching light punch, light Flash Knuckle (quarter-circle-back + light punch)

• Crouching medium punch, Overdrive Flash Knuckle (quarter-circle-back + 2x punch), heavy Rising Uppercut (forward, down, down-forward + heavy punch)


• Crouching heavy punch, charged medium Flash Knuckle (quarter-circle-back + medium punch hold-release), charged light Flash Knuckle (quarter-circle-back + light punch hold-release), level 1 super (2x quarter-circle-forward + punch)

Guile — Beginner | Zoner

While Guile certainly has some more intricate abilities that he can harness in battle, his core gameplay and playstyle is “classic zoner.” You’ll want to hang back, throw Sonic Booms, and use normals and Flash Kicks to keep the opponent from getting into your space.

Like he has had traditionally, Guile has two main special moves at his disposal that you’ll want to focus on: Sonic Boom (projectile) and Flash Kick (anti-air). This trait makes him another good choice for those who are just starting out as it minimizes the basics required to learn to play the character effectively.

Of course, Guile has more advanced maneuvers to master, such as how to utilize his Sonic Blade not only as a means of putting something on screen for the opponent to deal with, but also to power up his Sonic Booms. His Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks also retain a similar quality to Luke’s Flash Knuckle in that performing them with the correct timing will grant added benefits to the moves.





Guile was one of the original eight world warriors back in Street Fighter 2 and has a very traditional Street Fighter playstyle making him a good choice for those who aren’t looking to juggle too much right out of the gate. Guile also tends to be a strong character in the Street Fighter games he’s a part of, and it’s looking like he’ll continue that trend here in Street Fighter 6.

Useful Attacks:

• Crouching Medium Punch – One of Guile’s most useful normal attacks. Used when in closer range as a pressure tool, this normal can be confirmed into Guile’s Target Combo 2 for a quick bread and butter combo.

• Crouching medium kick – Though this normal attack is not special cancellable, it has great range and works very well as a check in neutral to stop the opponent from advancing or for offensive pressure.

• Perfect Sonic Boom (hold back, forward + punch) – Guile’s classic Sonic Boom projectile is still an incredibly important tool in Street Fighter 6. When timing the input just right, Guile will yell out “PERFECT!” in-game letting you know that you’ve performed his just-frame Sonic Boom, which has better enhanced qualities such as better frame advantage.

Basic Combos:

• Crouching light kick, crouching light punch, Flash Kick (hold down, up + kick)

• Target Combo 2 (crouching medium punch – crouching medium punch), heavy Flash Kick (hold down, up + heavy kick)

• Standing medium punch, Target Combo 2 (crouching medium punch – crouching medium punch), level 3 super (hold back, forward, back, forward, + kick)

Juri — Intermediate | Footsies

Juri sees an interesting return to form here in Street Fighter 6, with Capcom making her toolkit similar to what it was back in Super Street Fighter 4. While she was definitely more on the advanced skill level spectrum back in SF4, certain things about her playstyle have been toned down here in Street Fighter 6 for accessibility sake.

This sinister fighter retains her main Fuhajin/Fuharenkyaku special move in Street Fighter 6, but instead of having to hold down a kick button to store fireballs or stocking specific moves with an initial activation then unleashing them by repeating the move, the cornerstone of her playstyle is much more streamlined.





Now in Street Fighter 6, all of her main special moves are accessible with no added barrier holding them back. Her Fuhajin can still be done, but now it simply stocks a charge that allows you to link some of her special moves together.

Juri also has effective normal attacks that help her dictate the pace of a match and control space. Using these two facets of her playstyle will take some more skill to harness, but should grant a nice payoff for anyone looking to play a more footsies-based fighter.

Useful Attacks:

Crouching Medium Kick – A crouching normal attack with great range and a lot of utility. This attack is one that is used often in the footsies battle, allowing Juri players to hit confirm into a special move or Drive Rush for a combo.

• Tensinrin (forward, down, down-forward + punch) – Juri’s upward spinning pinwheel kicks special move. This maneuver is used frequently at the end of bread and butter combos, can be used to end juggle combos, functions as an anti-air, and the Overdrive version works and an EX wake up reversal.

• Fuhajin (quarter-circle-back + kick) – This special move sees Juri perform an upwards kick that stores a charge for her to use whenever she wants in battle. These charges allow her to chain together her fireball, flip kick, and multi-kick special moves for better combos, more damage, and safer pressure.

Basic Combos:

• Crouching light kick, standing light punch, standing light kick, heavy Tensinrin (forward, down, down-forward + heavy punch)

• Crouching medium punch, standing medium kick, Ankensatsu (quarter-circle-forward + medium kick), crouching medium punch, Sakkai Fuhazan (level 1 super) — *requires 1 Fuhajin stock

Forward heavy punch, Ankensatsu (quarter-circle-forward + medium kick), crouching medium punch, Overdrive Go Ohsatsu (quarter-circle-forward + medium kick + heavy kick) – medium kick follow up, level 3 super (2x quarter-circle-forward + kick) — *requires 2 Fuhajin stocks