Diablo IV Cheats and Tips


Diablo IV Cheats and Tips


Test classes to find the best one to suit you

There are five Diablo 4 classes to choose from: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer, so you most likely want to choose a class that best suits your playstyle. Like to keep to a safe distance and do battle from afar? Then perhaps the Rogue or Sorcerer is for you. Want to go in heavy handed and get up close up personal with your foes? Give the Barbarian a try.

You can have up to ten character slots in Diablo 4 though, so if you aren’t sure then use the beta to try them all out for a quest or two. Your progress isn’t carried over to the full release anyway, and you’re limited to level 20, so now is the right time to mess around. With ten slots and five classes, you can even take them all out for a spin twice if that tickles your fancy. Try and add any more than ten, though, and find yourself facing off against one of the worst enemies of all – a Diablo 4 error code.

Unlock hotbar slots to maximize skill availability

Once you’ve found your main and embark on your journey through Kyovashad, you might notice that not all of your hot bar skill slots are immediately available to you. Once you spend your first one or two skill points – with one skill point gained each time you level up – your two right-hand slots will open, meaning you can equip two skills. The remaining four are locked until you reach level eight, at which point they unlock automatically and you’ll be able to assign the six skills that make up your best build, like those in our best Diablo 4 Barbarian build.

Spend points carefully to avoid wasting them

Taking the above point into consideration, make sure you spend your skill points carefully in the early stages of the game. As we address later, you can respec, but you still don’t want to waste skill points unlocking skills you can’t or won’t use. As you progress through the first seven levels, consider spending your skill points leveling up your two chosen skills, rather than getting carried away unlocking more than you can assign. You can then reassign some of those points once you reach level 8. If you’re using one of our best builds, like the best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build, you can always stick to the skill points we’ve assigned.

Respec for free until level 15

If you do buy any skills you don’t want or don’t gel with and wish to change your mind, you can respec in Diablo 4. We’d strongly recommend using the server slam to play around with the Diablo 4 respec mechanics, as it’s free to respec up to level 15 and pretty cheap thereafter, so you can figure out exactly how it works in case you need to use it in the full game.

There are two ways to respec in Diablo 4: one is to completely start from scratch, which erases all of your Diablo 4 skill tree history, the other is to reassign individual skills. Unless you’re absolutely certain you want to select all new skills, we’d recommend the latter, which is done by right clicking on the skill you wish to have refunded. If you want to start again, we recommend just starting a new character – while you’ll have to complete the same quests again, it will give you the option of switching between builds while you establish which skills you prefer.