Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Cheats and Tips


Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust Cheats and Tips


1. Stay on the move

She may be embodying someone from the past, but mobility remains Frey’s greatest asset. You should never stand still for too long – you’ll be facing a lot of enemies at once, and you don’t want to get overwhelmed.

Instead, use hit and run tactics to keep your foes off your back. Launch powerful attacks at enemy and then magic parkour to dodge their attacks. If you start to feel overwhelmed, back off and find some space.

Frey’s impressive maneuverability means you can literally run rings around your opposition, so take advantage of that to stay out of trouble!

2. ABC: Always Be Crystallizing

In Tanta We Trust throws you into some particularly tricky scraps, with hordes of enemies that attack from both the ground and the air. Add some pretty hefty health bars, and you have a recipe for trouble.

That’s where your new powers come into play. Some of the new abilities at your disposal – such as Skewer and Shock – cause enemies to crystallize when struck. This gives you a short window to instruct Tanta Cinta to unleash a devastating attack that hits the foe – and those around it – with a flurry of powerful blows.

When you see an enemy hit with the status effect, you’ll see a prompt (triangle button on PS5). Press this, and Cinta will leap into action – you’ll be amazed how quickly the hordes fall to Frey and Cinta’s combined efforts.

3. Be alert to Cinta’s support

As well as helping you dish out the damage, Cinta’s also there to tend to your wounds. Take enough hits, and she may cast a healing spell that restores your precious health when you’re inside its bubble.

It doesn’t last long, so try to take advantage of its effects when you can. In the heat of battle, it’s easy to parkour away from the healing zone and miss the opportunity entirely, so stay alert. You can only carry a few healing items at a time, so anything that lets you save your supply is welcome.

4. Don’t hold back with Fusion magic

As you play through the story of In Tanta We Trust, you’ll earn the ability to use Fusion Magic. The way it works is simple: landing hits on enemies, or performing parkour moves during fights, fills the Ally Gauge. When this is maxed out, you can call on Cinta to perform a special attack that typically knocks foes down, ready for a critical strike.

The damage is nice, but the real value is that it sets up a Fusion attack. When hit by Cinta, enemies will be surrounded by a special aura. If you then follow up with a charged spell, your magics will react to each other with a spectacular, high-damage explosion.

This is invaluable – particularly when taking on the tougher members of the Rheddig forces – so don’t feel you need to hold back or save it for a rainy day. The Ally Gauge fills relatively quickly, so you’re never too far away from a good Fusion.

It’s powerful, fast-recharging and oh-so-satisfying to pull off. So use it!