Loop8: Summer of Gods Cheats and Tips


Loop8: Summer of Gods Cheats and Tips


Increase Your Stats Through Looping

The key gameplay mechanism of Loop8: Summer of Gods is the loops. In most circumstances when you die, or when you choose to loop by talking to Terasu, you restart from the first day. Your stats do not carry over with the exception of blessings, but you do gain a major benefit. You can gain stats twice as fast, up until the point you previously had them.

For example, if your previous stat Strength stat was at 80, and you do an activity that normally gains 20, you will instead gain 40 twice until you reach 80. Then you will gain 20 as normal after that point.

You will not have enough time to max your stats without taking advantage of looping. Your stats won’t be high enough to beat all the bosses on the first loop with the limited time you have. Instead, you need to grow your stats, loop, then grow them again faster. This will need to be repeated multiple times.

You can stay out until 3AM each morning without any negative gameplay effect (despite Konoha occasionally telling you off), so planning a schedule of what you can increase at which times of the day may help.

Loop8: Summer of Gods - Relationships

Increase Your Relationships Through Looping

The above double-increase benefit applies to relationships too. Some characters such as Micchi may be very difficult to befriend with just one loop. Increasing it over several loops is much easier.

Your chance of an action succeeding is noted before you select the conversation option. The chance goes down if you repeatedly talk to that character on the same day. Note that even the highest chance options aren’t successful 100% of the time.

‘Compliment’ is particularly helpful when it comes to removing Hate that a character has for you, along with increasing their friendship and affection towards you.

Loop8: Summer of Gods - Stat Chart

How to Increase Your Stats

Every stat in Loop8: Summer of Gods can be increased via an activity and/or conversation option which takes some time from your day. Some of these are only available during limited periods during the day. Conversation options to improve stats are limited and won’t appear again after they have all been completed for a character. Occasionally stats will be increased via a regular conversation too when no options appear.

The places these can be increased are as follows:


  • Workout equipment (School Outside)
  • Let’s Work Out (Conversation Option)


  • Tires (Beach)
  • Let’s Work Out (Conversation Option)


  • Study (Classroom 2-B)
  • Take classes (Classroom 1-B, enter on weekdays between 8AM to 9AM)
  • Wanna study together? (Conversation Option)


  • Red Arcade Machine (Main Street). Only works between 12PM – 7PM. The screen will be flashing when it’s on.
  • ‘Let’s Go Have Some Fun’ (Conversation Option)

Divine Power

  • Brooms (Shrine)

Social Status

  • Map (Classroom 1-A)
  • Take classes (Classroom 1-B, enter on weekdays between 8AM to 9AM)


  • Go on dates (only certain characters, including some you may not expect)

You can increase your allies’ stats too by doing activities with them via the Conversation Options.

You can also increase your stats and your allies via some of the Blessings that you can find.


Gods will give you blessings. These can increase your stats, your relationships with others, and the relationships between other characters in your current party. As noted, blessings do carry over between loops.

You can find blessings in Loop8: Summer of Gods mostly by interacting with certain objects once per day. Later in the game, these will become rare as you will already have collected most of them. Instead, a gameplay tip or other comment will be presented.

Blessing Locations

  • Middle Small shrine on right (Shrine)
  • Small Shrine (Giant Tree area behind the main shrine)
  • Small Shrine (Main Street)
  • Rock in bushes where the road splits (Road to School)
  • Rock with a rope around it (Beach)
  • School Store (School – First screen inside school)
  • Desk (Classroom 1-A, only when in Yomotsu Hirasaka)
  • Teacher’s Podium (Classroom 1-B, only when in Yomotsu Hirasaka)
  • Stall on the left (Night Market, only when in Yomotsu Hirasaka)

You can also get blessings through conversations and by collecting magatama and fighting Kegai in Yomotsu Hirasaka. Note that there is no benefit to fighting the Kegai when you are no longer collecting blessings.

Loop8: Summer of Gods - Eating Together

How to Restore Stamina/Energy?

There are several ways to restore your Stamina/Energy in Loop8: Summer of Gods. 

Outside of Battle:

  • Eat at the Cafe (Main Street)
  • Eat at the Restaurant (Main Street)
  • Let’s Grab Some Food (Conversation Option)
  • Speak to Saru – He occasionally gives you a small amount of energy
  • Stamina/Energy fully restores every morning after a certain level of relationship with Konoha

In Battle:

  • Nini learns skills to heal his own Stamina/Energy when targeting himself.
  • Allies can restore the Energy of anyone on the team by using a move, but only when they choose to. Allies cannot restore Stamina (Health).