Pop'n Music 10 Cheats


Pop’n Music 10 Cheats


Temporary unlock codes

Enter these codes on the title screen. The numbers refer to the buttons on the Pop’n Music controller, counting from the leftmost to the rightmost in a zigzag pattern. Please note that these codes will only last for one arcade mode game – to unlock the songs permanently you will need to do so through the unlock system, or by turning the unlock system off and playing for a certain amount of time. The required amount of time for a permanent unlock is shown in hours will be shown in brackets next to the code effect – only time spent actually playing a song is counted.
Effect Code
Unlock Everything 277477266
Unlock hidden AC songs (5) 89798687463
Unlock hidden characters (7.5) 37481467
Unlock hidden courses (8) 97974231314
Unlock hidden CS songs (7) 676767676767
Unlock hidden ee’mall songs (8.5) 123123466234
Unlock hidden hypers/EXs (9) 1379243
Unlock hidden options (4) 129346
Unlock hidden Pop’n GB songs (6) 36923796


Secret Character

Unlockable How to Unlock
Oyama Akemi Clear all four Study Land attractions