Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats


Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats



  1. Co-Operative Master League Glitch

    Co-Operative Master League Glitch

    1)When the game has loaded, proceed to ‘match mode’ using controller 1 only, and select ‘club teams’.

    2)Now, still using controller 1, select controller 2 as the away team.

    3)Then press triangle to cycle back a screen and select ‘club teams’ again.

    4)Dont change anything and use the triangle button to go back to the main menu.

    5)Now load up a master league save (this trick doesnt work if you attempt to start a new season) and then, at the setup screen where you can choose your squad prior to the match starting, select ‘CONT.OPTIONS’.

    6)Move controller two across (so that youre both on the same screen)


Get extra master league plavers

Every time you win a Master League A season, you will get extra players such as Signori, Hagi, Valderrama, Weah, R. Baggio, etc.
You can buy them in the Freelance players block.

Unlockable Teams

Unlockable How to Unlock
Classic Argentina Win the American cup with Argentina
Classic Brazil Win the American cup with Brazil
Classic Europe Team Win the Europian Cup
Classic Netherlands Win the European cup with the Netherlands (Holland)
European All-Star Team Win the international cup with France
Germania Classic Team Win European Cup with Germania
Olanda Classic Team Win European Cup with Olanda
World All Star Team Win the League with Italy