Amnesia: The Bunker Weapon Cheats


Amnesia: The Bunker Weapon Cheats


Early on in the game, you will probably come across Shotgun Shells for it, but it isn’t clear where the Shotgun itself is. Well, you will need to venture off into the Tunnels for story progress, but before that you will need the Cutters, which means you will also need the Wrench.

Here’s a quick map for everything you need in order to get the Shotgun. However, before you proceed down to the Tunnels, we recommend that you also at least take a grenade and a couple of Revolver bullets if you can.

Shotgun Amnesia The Bunker


Once you have the Cutters from the prisoner’s cell in the Prison, head over to the Arsenal area in the south, then towards the Storage Area. Use the Cutters to get inside the waterlogged room, and then swim to the opposite end, turn on the switch, then activate the generator near the gate that you came through to drain the water. Return back to near the switch, then duck and remove the stuff that’s blocking your way so that you can make your way into the tunnels.





It’s a fairly linear path to follow from here until you start hearing a singing soldier — this is who you have to kill in order to get your hands on the Shotgun. He isn’t too bad to deal with if you evade his fire, as you can audibly hear when he’s readying a shot. He is still only human, so you can just chuck a grenade his way (don’t forget the relatively slow explosion time) or shoot him with a couple of Revolver bullets to put him down. The only tricky thing with this mini-boss of sorts is locating him amid all the fog.

Once dead, he will drop the Shotgun for you to pick up and use.

Amnesia: The Bunker Shotgun


The Shotgun has multiple uses in Amnesia: The Bunker. It can deter the stalker with one shell and can also be used to blow open wooden doors, and is required for an alternate ending. However, ammo is very limited for it — we never found more than five shells for it across one playthrough. To find more ammo for it, be sure to check behind locked doors and inside drawers, though do bear in mind that where ammo spawns is random.