Quake III Revolution Cheats


Quake III Revolution Cheats


Level skip

While playing on any stage HOLD L1+R1+R2+Select then while holding PRESS X,Circle,Square,Triangle,X,Circle,Square,Triangle.

Infinite Quad Damage

When you first start a new Campaign, enter this as your name:
Effect Password


Infinite time against the Vadrigar

In stage 5:5, the level with the final boss “The Vadrigar”, the game tells you that you have a time limit of 15 minutes. This is actually not true. Even when the timer hits 15 minutes the game keeps going, allowing you as much time as you need to beat him.

Bonus Characters and Level

Successfully complete Campaign mode under the ”I can win” difficulty setting and after the credits A bonus Level and 2 more Characters will appear. Successfully complete the bonus level to unlock the bonus level and the 2 Characters to play as in 2 player mode.