Amnesia: The Bunker Collectibles Cheats


Amnesia: The Bunker Collectibles Cheats


The Bunker is open for you to explore however you please, with one central area and five other areas you can visit. Once you have full access to the bunker you can travel everywhere, so none of the collectibles are missable.

Notes are pieces of paper scattered around the bunker that have static spawns every playthrough. Some can spawn inside tables, but destroying these tables will make the Notes drop to the floor, so they cannot be missed. Some will require the Cutters and the Wrench to be able to access. Photos are polaroids often found with Notes which provide contextual hints and clues for how certain mechanics work, or how to find a secret or solve a puzzle.

In Munitions Storage in Central Bunker there are 11 Lockers that you can open. In order to open these, you will need to get the codes by collecting Dog Tags around the bunker. The location of the Dog Tags are static spawns every playthrough, however both the name on the dog tag and the code on the dog tag will be randomized every playthrough (except for a few story-related ones). Dog Tags are often on bodies that are protected by rats, which you can distract with meat, scare off by throwing objects, kill with grenades or alternatively burn the bodies they’re guarding with petrol bombs/fuel and a torch (once you acquire the Lighter from A Giraud’s locker). Burning bodies is also necessary for Roastmaster, so it is recommended you do this for every body you encounter while collecting Dog Tags.

You can also open the Lockers with the codes without having the Dog Tags. This can be particularly helpful for completing the speedrun/no save playthroughs, as you can note down the codes when you find them and then open the Lockers on a previous save without having to actually collect the Dog Tags, effectively allowing you to skip areas and get supplies very early.

In each of the 5 main areas there will be a map – in Central Bunker it will be in the main save/storage room, whereas the other 4 areas will have it behind a locked door immediately upon entering the area. These can be viewed to show the map layout on the main map back in Central Bunker.

Pocket Bags are bags that will expand your inventory size by 1. There are 11 spawn locations for these, and only 7 will spawn per playthrough. 3 of these will be static every playthrough (2 in Central Bunker and 1 in Roman Tunnels), whilst the 4 other main areas will have 2 potential spawns each, for a total of 11.

Vents and Chains block off access to certain rooms/areas in the Bunker and require the Wrench and Cutters respectively to open. Both Wrench and Cutters are found as part of the story.

Central Bunker/Office Quarters

Note 1 – Amnesia Cause
After the sequence with Lambert, you will wake up inside the Central Bunker. Enter the next room to find this note on the table.


Note 2 – Clement’s Journal – Agony / Flashlight
Go through the door and enter the room with the light on. Open the cabinet on the right and pick up the note and Flashlight.


Photo 1
After picking up the Flashlight, enter the next room to find this photo on the wall.


Note 3 – Autopsy of Reynard
Inside the same room, open the first drawer.

Dog Tag 1 / Note 4 – Note from Head Clerk re Dog Tags
After acquiring the gun, head to the door with the lock on it and shoot the lock. Go through and enter Administration to find these on the table in the middle.


Note 5 – Rats and Burnt Corpses
Turn around there will be another note on a table in the back.

Map 1
Next to the stairs, above the storage box.

Note 6 – Keep the light on!
Head downstairs and enter Generator Room, then open the left drawer of the bench in front of you for this note.


Dog Tag 2 – Q Friloux
Next to the body by the generator.

Note 7 – Fuel and Fire
Turn around and this note will be stuck to the open cage.

Note 8 – Joubert’s Final Journal
After turning on the generator and unlocking the door into the main area of the Bunker, turn left twice and then open the first door that says Joubert. The note will be on the desk.


Note 9 – Joubert’s Journal – Strange Sounds
Inside the right drawer of the same desk.

Photo 2
On the shelf next to the desk.

Photo 3 / Note 10 – Roman Tunnel Update
Continue down the hall and ignore Blanchet’s room on the left, and instead go into Strategic Operations on the right. Both will be on table in front of you.


Note 11 – Prisoner in Custody
Open the right drawer of the dresser on the right side of the room.

Note 12 – Assumptions About Motive
Head out the other door and there’ll be Reynard’s room in front of you. You won’t be able to open the door, so find the explosive barrel in the area and pull it in front of the door and then shoot it. Head inside to find this note in the left drawer of the desk. If there’s no explosive barrel in the area, you will have to come back to this room when you have a grenade or find a brick to throw.


Note 13 – In Charge of Security
In the same room, sitting in an opening of the file cabinet on the right.

Note 14 – Shooting the Beast
Head next door into Fournier’s room to find this note on the desk.


Note 15 – Increased Security on Arsenal
Inside the left drawer of the same desk.

Photo 4
Inside the wardrobe in the same room.

Vent 1
Now head back into the corridor and enter the Lounge. Move the barrels from the corner and there’ll be a vent. Remove the cover and the boards blocking it from the other side, then you can crawl through to Delisle’s room.


Note 16 – LaRue’s Report
On the table inside Delisle’s room.

Dog Tag 3 – J Delisle
Next to the corpse.

Pocket Bag 1
On a hook by the door.

Dog Tag 4
Head down the stairs to Maintenance (there might be a trap here, but you can simply jump over it if so) and this dog tag will be next to the body.


Note 17 – Where’s our Wine
Turn left and go down to the Wine Cellar and this note will be on top of two crates on the left.


Note 18 – How to Get the Hell Out of Here
Return to Administration (where the save lantern/storage box is located) and take the right path to find this note on a small table halfway up towards the blocked tunnel.

Vent 2
Head down the last path to Mission Storage and pull open the vent to the right of the door. Head through to Mission Storage, where you will find all the lockers.

Note 19 – Clement’s Journal – No Word
Sitting underneath your locker on the left (H Clement).

Dog Tag 5
Next to the corpse in the corner.

Photo 5
On the door of Foreman Strafford’s locker.

Locker 1 – J Delisle / Lockdown Wheel
Open J Delisle’s locker with the corresponding code.

You can now use the wheel to release the lockdown and open the gates to Soldier Quarters, Arsenal, Maintenance and Prison. We will be heading into Maintenance first.


Map 2
Enter Maintenance and you’ll immediately see a door with planks on it. Pull them off and open the door, though be careful as it’s trapped with a flare. Inside will be a map on the wall.


Note 20 – The Rats
On a table inside the same room.

Photo 6
Open the wardrobe and the photo is inside.

Dog Tag 6
Continue down the corridor and a rat will trigger a flare trap, burning a corpse with this dog tag.

Dog Tag 7 / Note 21 – Note to a Dead Friend / Photo 7
Head upstairs to Foreman’s Quarters and these collectibles will be on the desk.


Pocket Bag 2 – Potential Spawn 1
Inside the wardrobe.

If the Dog Tag you picked up was A Giraud, quickly return to Central Bunker to open the lockers. Otherwise, continue progressing and backtrack if and when you do find A Giraud.

Central Bunker

Locker 2 – A Giraud / Lighter
Open A Giraud’s locker with the corresponding code. Inside will be the Lighter, which makes dealing with rats a lot easier – you can also start burning all corpses you see for Roastmaster.

Now return to Maintenance.


Dog Tag 8
Continue down the path and head left past the Pantry to reach Workshop. In the back corner there will be a tunnel full of rats, this dog tag will be on the first corpse by the entrance. If you have the Lighter it is recommended that you burn the bodies with a Petrol Bomb, or fuel and a torch. If you don’t, you can either throw items at the rats to scare them off for a bit, use a grenade, or go back to the Pantry where you will find a heap of meat you can use to distract the rats.


Dog Tag 9
This will be by the second corpse in the tunnel.

Dog Tag 10
This will be by the second corpse in the tunnel.

Note 22 – Where’s the Pillbox key?
After going through the tunnel with three dog tags, turn left to find this note by the locked Pillbox door.

Note 23 – I Saw Its Face
Inside Munitions Storage, to the left. There is a brick back in the Workshop you can bring through to break open the door, but be careful as you can trap yourself in here if the Beast comes looking. Alternatively, you can break the wall after entering the Pillbox, which gives you a route to escape if the Beast does come.


Dog Tag 11
Return to where you exited the tunnel and take the other path, then turn left to reach the Chapel. Head inside and on the altar will be this dog tag.


Pocket Bag 2 – Potential Spawn 2
On the altar next to the dog tag.

Note 24 – Lambert’s Journal – Part 1
Inside the cabinet to the left of the Confessional.

Pillbox Key
Inside the Confessional.

Dog Tag 12 – F Stafford
Return to the Pillbox door and enter, then climb the ladder. Grab the dog tag next to the body. Don’t hang around here as you can get badly hurt from enemy forces shooting at you.


Dog Tag 13
Head back to the Storage Hub and go down the stairs to a locked door. Shoot the lock and clear the rats. The dog tags are in the cabinet behind the rats.


Note 25 – It Can Hear Me
On the floor next to a hole.

You can now return to the Central Bunker and open another locker.

Central Bunker

Locker 3 – Foreman Stafford / Wrench
Open Foreman Stafford’s locker to find the Wrench, which will allow you to open locked vents.

Vent 3
Head back towards Maintenance and enter the Wine Cellar, then open the vent with your newly acquired Wrench.

Note 26 – List of the Guilty
Go inside and open the top drawer of the filing cabinet to find this note.

Note 27 – Noyer’s Translations
In the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.

Now re-enter Maintenance one more time.


Vent 4
Head towards the junction and turn right to spot a vent into the Break Room we couldn’t enter previously.

Dog Tag 14
Inside the Break Room will be another body with a dog tag.

Now return through Central Bunker and enter the Prison.


Map 3
Enter the Prison and ignore the first door. Enter the second room on the left where you will find a brick in the room, use this to break open the first door and find the map on the wall.


Note 28 – Wrench Location Note
Ignore the cells and walk into storage, then turn right to spot this note on a table by a vent.


Vent 5
Open the vent next to you.

Note 29 – Update on Prisoner
On the table inside the Warden’s Office.

Photo 8
On the shelf next to the table.

Trophy: Life Preserver / Cutters
For this, you will need to open the cell with the prisoner, grab the Cutters, then get back and close the cell before he is killed. Make sure to unlock and open the door on the left, then open his cell (third on the right). Quickly run out to his cell, crouch to be able to grab the Cutters before the gate has fully opened, then immediately run back to close it. If you are fast enough, he will survive. On Easy there is a save lantern in the Warden’s Office so you can try again immediately if he dies.

Chain 1
Now that you have the Cutters, head to the four room on the right in Storage and there’ll be a chain on the first on the left. Cut it open.

Pocket Bag 3 – Potential Spawn 1
On a shelf inside the room.

Pocket Bag 3 – Potential Spawn 2
In the back left prison cell, open it from the Warden’s Office.

Chain 2 / Note 30 – Reynard is Dead / Note 31 – Permission to Court Martial
Enter Processing where you found the map, and cut the chain on the filing cabinet. There will be two notes inside.


Now return to the Central Bunker.

Central Bunker

Chain 3
Head back through Administration to Medical Storage, where you first arrived and picked up the Flashlight. Cut the chain here.

Chain 4
Now head back down to the Wine Cellar and cut the chain on the gate.

Chain 5 / Note 32 – About Digging too Deep / Note 33 – Toussaint’s Fate
Now enter Reynard’s room (which you previously had to blow open) and there’ll be another chained filing cabinet. Cut it open to find two notes.


Now it’s time to head to Soldier Quarters, feel free to open any lockers if you’ve got any codes.

Soldier Quarters

Note 34 – Daisy-Chained Switches
Head down into Soldier Quarters and go up the stairs on the right. This note will be on the wall right next to the first light switch.


Note 35 – Fear and Paranoia
Go to the end of the corridor, then turn left to enter Barracks B. On a bunk bed on your left will be this note.


Vent 6 / Pocket Bag 4 – Potential Spawn 1 / Note 36 – Gathering of the Willing
In the right corner of Barracks B is a vent, with a pocket bag and note inside.


Photo 9
On the last bunk bed on the left.

Note 37 – Clement’s Journal – Compelled / Dog Tag 15 – H Clement
Sitting on the bunk bed next to the previous one.

Map 4
Turn around to find a brick on the locker to the right of the door. Bring this back down the stairs to the first locked door and throw it at the door to break it open. The map is on the wall. Alternatively you can use a grenade to do this earlier.


Note 38 – Joubert’s Journal – Patrol Debriefing / Photo 10
On the shelf next to the map.

Photo 11 Dog Tag 16
Go back into Barracks B and head through the tunnel past the door to find this photo on a power box. The dog tag is next to the body behind it.


Note 39 – Farber’s Last Note
Open the locked door you walked past either with the brick you used earlier (can go back and grab it) or with a grenade, then open the wardrobe in the corner to find this note.


Pocket Bag 4 – Potential Spawn 2
From the wardrobe, turn left and open the wall cabinet to find a bag inside.

Vent 7
Now go into the other corner and move all the objects to find a vent to open.


Photo 12
On a crate inside the vent.

Note 40 – The Officers have Fled
Head through the doors into the Break Room and there’ll be a locked gate in the back. Once again open this with either a brick, grenade or bullet, and you will find this note on the table inside.


Photo 13
Return back through Barracks B and head towards Security, then enter the red-lit room on the left. The photo is inside.


Note 41 – I Have the Communications Key
Open the door to Security once again with a brick, bullet or grenade, then open the wall cabinet to find the note. This note will tell you which bunk bed will contain the Communications Key, this is random each playthrough.


Note 42 – Nicolay’s Unsent Letter
Now head into Barracks A and open the second locker on the right to find this note.


Note 43 – Noyer’s Journal – Part 1
Inside the tray of Noyer’s bunk bed, right next to where you grabbed the previous note.

Dog Tag 17
Next to the body at the end of the room.

Note 44 – Toussaint’s Journal
Sitting on the last bunk bed on the left.

Note 45 – We Whirl the World
On the top bunk of the bunk bed next to the door, slightly sticking out.

Communications Key
Check the bunk of whose name is on the I Have the Communications Key note. You can check the bunk names either by checking the trays at the end, or by viewing Photo 10. Below is an example, it can be either under hats/pillows on the mattress or inside the name tray.

Note 46 – Farber Dies / Arsenal Code
Use the key to unlock Communications, then head inside to find this note on the table to the left, next to the radio. Interact with the radio for the code to Arsenal.


Note 47 – Note to Farber
Turn around to find this on the next table.

Note 48 – Noyer’s Journal – Part 2
Right next to that table is a filing cabinet with a lock on it. Once again use a brick/bullet/grenade to destroy it, then grab the note inside.


Return back to the Central Bunker to use the new codes on the lockers and then head into Arsenal.

Central Bunker

Locker 4 –  H Clement / Note 49 – Routine Patrol / Photo 14
Open your own locker with the corresponding code. Inside will be the note and photo.



Map 5
Immediately to your right upon entering the Arsenal will be a locked door. Blow it open with a grenade or drag and shoot an explosive barrel if there’s one in the area. Inside is the map on the wall.


Photo 15
Right next to the map.

Pocket Bag 5 – Potential Spawn 1
On the desk in the room. The desk may have been destroyed by the explosion, in which case it’ll be on the ground amongst the rubble.

Dog Tag 18
Enter the left room to find this burnt corpse with the dog tag in your path.

Open the door into Storage Area A with the Arsenal Code.

Dog Tag 19
Head through until you need to move a box to crawl through a gap, and there’ll be some rats up ahead eating a body. Deal with the rats however you choose, then pick up the dog tag next to the body.


Pocket Bag 5 – Potential Spawn 2
Continue past the body and go into the back left corner of the room where it is really dark. This will be sitting on the shelf.


Work your way through Storage Area B, where you will need to remove some planks and then blow up a blockade with an explosive barrel, and you will eventually reach Explosives Storage where the Dynamite is located.

Chain 6
Now backtrack through the Arsenal to the first room and there’ll be a crawlspace through a door leading to the Tunnels. Cut the chain on the gate.


Head through the water and flip the switch, then return to the gate and turn on the generator to drain the water. Now go through and enter the Roman Tunnels.

Roman Tunnels

Note 50 – Toussaint’s Madness
Head through into the first opening and this note will be on the table in front of you.

Photo 16
On the other table.

Note 51 – Comment on Noyer’s Report
Turn right and this note will be on a crate beneath some scaffolding.

When you enter the really foggy room with an unknown man walking around with a shotgun, kill him to acquire his weapon.

Trophies: Shell Shocked + Improviser + Ratter
These 3 trophies are for shooting things with the shotgun, and they can all be done in this area. Shell Shocked is for shooting the shadowy figures, Improviser is for shooting a door and Extreme Ratter is for shooting a rat. If you don’t want to waste the ammo you can save before doing these.

Pocket Bag 6 / Detonator Handle
After the fight, break open one of the two locked doors and both items will be in the middle of the room.

Dog Tag 20 – Lambert / Rabbit Doll
In the corner of the room will be a tunnel you can crawl through, and you’ll come out in the crater from the beginning.


Now make your way back to the Central Bunker.

Central Bunker

Before we leave the bunker, open any remaining lockers.

Locker 5 – A Lambert / Note 52 – Lambert’s Journal – Part 2
Inside A Lambert’s locker.


Locker 6 – N Laval / Gas Mask
Inside N Laval’s locker.

Locker 7 – H Boucher / Pocket Bag 7
Inside H Boucher’s locker.

Locker 8 – A Fortin / Shotgun (Playthrough 2+ only)
Inside A Fortin’s locker on any playthrough started after completing the game once.

Locker 9 – D Bardin / Locker 10 – F Auclair / Locker 11 – G Travers
If you haven’t opened these already, open them now with your remaining codes.

Trophies: Sentimentalist + Toy Fanatic
Before you leave the bunker, spawn the Beast and throw the Rabbit Doll in front of him. He will pick it up and run away, giving you Sentimentalist. Then head into Maintenance and go through to the Chapel to find the Rabbit Doll sitting on the altar, pick it up again for Toy Fanatic.

Now plant the dynamite and blow it up to leave the bunker. This will trigger an autosave, so you can come back after finishing the game if you missed anything.

Outside the Bunker

Trophy: Beast Master
Defeat the Beast by destroying a bridge while it is on it to drop it into the depths. The easiest way to do this is to throw the Rabbit Doll on a wooden bridge, then when it is distracted throw a grenade.