Rayman Arena Cheat Codes


Rayman Arena Cheat Codes


CheatMode (Races Only)

To activate this cheat, go to the pause screen, and hold down L1, R1, And Circle. You will see ten dots on the screen. If you hold down L2, Triangle, Cross, and Square, while your still holding L1, R1, and Circle, it will light up all ten dots and the cheat will activate.
Effect Code
Automatic Optimize Yip Yip
Completes The Level Yahouuuu
Invincibility Woundayae
Slow Motion ??????
Super Speed Winiwiz
Unknown Aglagaia (2 Player Race)



Enter code as your name. After this is done, press L2 + Circle + Square to active it.
Effect Code
All Battle Levels ALLFISH
All Characters PUPPETS
All Race Levels ALLTRIBES
Every Battle Level in Mode 1 ARENAS
Every Level Available in Mode 1 FIELDS
Every Race Level Available in Mode 1 TRACKS
Monochrome Mode OLDTV


Secret beach PC

on the racing level Thousand Falls, just after you have gome through the first set of rotating lazers, before you go on to the raising platfotms, take a sharp left through the bushes. keep om going and eventually you will get to a secret beach with a sunbathing globox on it.