Greyhill Incident Cheats and Tips


Greyhill Incident Cheats and Tips


complete walkthrough of the GreyHill Incident main path









At the start of GreyHill Incident, go into the living room to find Henry. After the conversation, go into Henri’s room to find that the dog is missing. Examine the bedroom window for the dog to bark. Go back to Henri, and exit through the nearby door to reach the garden. Max, the dog seems to be spooked into something in the cabin. Search the garden for a lamp. Get near the lamp a crowbar to use against the door of the cabin. 

Inside, the door closes behind you. Wait a moment for Max to disappear. Exit the hut to find Max behind in the field behind the barriers. Come back to the house to discuss with Henri in the living room. Then go to the intro office to pick up your walkie-talkie. A conversation starts with Brandon. Then exit through the front door to see headlights in the nearby field. Use the portal to enter the field.

In the field, interact with the tractor to return. Examine the interior to find an audio. Then go out to the windmill to find a strange device on a barrel. Search the outer field to find an abnormally shiny cat.

Bring the cat down the street to join a caravan. Climb onto the roof of the caravan with the ladder to get inside. After the dialogue, then place the cat on one of the seats of the caravan. Collect the baseball bat near the screens and the aluminum bat near the exit. 

Then use your bat to break the exit boards. Head to the barn opposite to find a ladder at the entrance. Go over to go down inside. Go to the entrance of the barn to find boards. Use your bat again to break the boards. Go through the barn doors to get out. 

Outside, follow a lantern to enter a field. In it, locate a silo and go around so that a saucer appears and a cutscene is triggered. Then join the house to hear police sirens. Then exit through the front door of the house to find the vehicle.

Interact with the vehicle to find a folder and a weapon inside. Then go back to your house to find Bob. Then go to the left of the house to reach an alley. At the bottom you will find the house at the stream. Go behind the house to find planks. Break the boards to reach the back of the neighboring house.

Beware, the gray men are now in the game. You can eliminate a gray man using two bullets. If you run out of ammo, you can pick up bullets. You will often find them in homes. If necessary, you can use three hits with a baseball bat to knock them out. Run away and hide under a bed, trash can or piece of furniture to cancel the search. With all of these items in hand, eliminate the threat and collect the nail box from the dining table. Then go back to Bob to give him the box.

Then go back to the previous alley to go to the back house with a « Diner » sign. You will find an opening in the gate of the house. Go through the gate to reach another block. Your goal is to get your hands on five packets of foil. Start by searching the first house after the portal. You will find in the room on the desk a first package. Continue with the second house nearby to find a second package in the middle of the living room. You probably guessed it, but a third package is in the third house on the dining table.

The two remaining packages are on the outside. The fourth is behind the second house on a table, and the last is at the back near the restaurant. Complete your search by entering the restaurant. The restaurant is at the back and is recognizable thanks to its signage. Read the note on the front door inside to figure out that Amy is in the barn opposite. 

After the conversation, exit the barn through the back door. Outside, search behind a water tower to find a vehicle. Go inside to retrieve a key from the seat. Then enter the house behind the vehicle. Use the key to enter the room and speak with the safe. 

Get out and enter the house next to the vehicle to find a certificate. Return to the safe to open it. Exit the house and duck into the bottom outside to find a dump.

You will find fuel behind a faulty tractor. Then drop off the fuel at the side door of Amy’s barn. Then go to the outskirts of the area to find a barrier to move. Join the nearby church to start a conversation with Father Graham.

After the cutscene, open the door to the right of the altar. You will find a key hanging on the wall. Use the door to open the door to the left of the altar and talk to Apone in the graveyard. Go down into the graveyard to find a new barrier to move.

In this new alley, you will find a house with a red vehicle. Go inside to find a phone. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t work. Go down the alley to find a hut at the bottom. Examine the inside of the shack to find a circuit board. Then go in front of the hut to find the pedestal and fix the communications. Return to the top of the alley to use the phone.  

Exit from the back and walk along the field barrier to find access. Several ships are parked in front of you. Bypass the vessels to find the main path. Walk down the driveway to reach Brandon’s house with an American flag. Go to the garden of the house at the back to find a crowbar in a supply of wood. Use the crowbar with the back door to go up to the first floor and talk to Rachel.

Then look at the window to the right of Rachel and take the key on the nightstand to exit. Then go up the alley to reach a petrol station. Go behind the station to find access to a field. Inside, join the silo.

You will find at the foot of the silo a plush to interact with. Then return to the gas station. Opposite you will find a barn. Move the barrier to reach it. Before returning to dig deep outside to find a lantern. Pick up a clamp nearby.

Use the pliers with the barn entrance to break the bike chain. Pick up Rachel and place her on the caravan carpet. Then get out at the back of the barn to finish Greyhill Incident.