Cats & Soup Cheats and Tips


Cats & Soup Cheats and Tips


Level Up Your Stations Often

We are not the biggest fans of the phrase “you have to spend money to make money,” but it has a literal meaning regarding Cats & Soup. If you wait around forever, putting off spending your gold coins on upgrades or new recipes, you will waste much more time.

Upgrading your stations and recipes increases the sale price of your dishes, thereby speeding up the process of saving coins. When in doubt, the game provides a button in the bottom left corner showing a recommended upgrade station.

Prioritize Soup, Juice, And Grilling Stations

Universally upgrading your facilities is essential in Cats & Soup. However, there are benefits to prioritizing a single facility after receiving a large coin windfall. In particular, cooking facilities like the soup, juice, and grilling stations raise the base price of each dish. In other words, Upgrading the soup facility will raise the price of all the soups on the menu, including carrot soup, cabbage soup, etc.

We recommend you perform this focused round of updates only on occasion. After all, if you significantly upgrade your cooking stations, you’ll want to ensure your prep stations (i.e., carrot chopping, corn husking, etc.) can keep up.

Don’t Forget Your Rest Stations

Do you know how hard it is to chop a carrot half your size? Even a kitty has got to relax sometimes. So while it might be tempting to pour all your resources into upgrading your cooking stations and soup pot, do not neglect to upgrade your rest stations.

Cats use the rest stations to generate energy, a currency spent on upgrading and buying new recipes. Unfortunately, energy is much harder to accrue than gold, so upgrade your rest stations often.

Save Up For More Cats

Find a balance between upgrading your current stations and saving up for new cooking facilities. Crafting a new facility, like a carrot chopping block or a juice blending station, will unlock a brand-new kitty friend for your forest.

Newer cooking stations also unlock recipes for higher-selling dishes like cabbage soup or juice. The sooner you acquire new recipes and the cats to make them, the more coins you will rake in.


Unlock The Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is another facility worth investing in early in the game. Once unlocked, the game automatically starts giving you “special order missions” to complete. These are essentially just mini-goals such as “Sell 3 Carrot Soup.” Once the goal is met, you will get a little extra coin for your trouble.

The great thing about special orders is that you do not have to do extra work! Instead, you will earn bonus coins whenever the cats happen to fulfill the mission’s parameters.