Ephemeral Fantasia Cheats


Ephemeral Fantasia Cheats


Guitar codes

When you select Pattimo from the items menu, you are then on the song select menu, Enter the codes in before selecting your song. You can tell when you’ve entered the code correctly as a little coloured symbol appears at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Some of the codes can’t be used at the same time as the others.
Effect Code
Makes all of the notes go into the middle bar. Makes the songs easier. L2 (x3) L1 (x2) right (x3), circle.
Makes the notes disappear before hitting the top bar. L2, right, L1, right, L2, L1.
Makes the notes move faster but appear further apart. The song is actually the same on this if you think about it. L2, L1, right, circle (x2).
Notes in different places. right, L1 (x2), L2, L1, circle.
Same as above only even faster and even further apart. L2, L1, right, circle (x2), L2, L1, right, circle (x2).


Pattimo Music Codes

After choosing Pattimo to play a song, imput these codes at the screen where it says “Press Start” to begin playing the song. 

Press the pick and note buttons in the following orders to enter the code. An little image will appear when you enter the code correctly.

Effect Code
All Notes Are Played Using Two Chords Red, Red, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Blue, Pick
All Notes Are Random Blue, Green, Green, Red, Green, Pick
Clears All Codes Entered Pick (x10)
Extra Hard Difficulty Red, Blue, Pick, Green, Red, Blue, Pick, Green
Notes Appear Closer Together Green, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Pick
Notes Disappear Right Before You Play Them Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green
Notes Move In Fast Forward Red, Green, Blue, Pick, Pick
Notes Move In Super Fast Forward Red, Green, Blue, Pick, Pick,Red, Green, Blue, Pick, Pick