Park Beyond Cheats and Tips


Park Beyond Cheats and Tips


Play The Campaign

Playing the Sandbox mode of Park Beyond can be enticing, especially if you are itching to play and build a massive amusement park. If you are new to management games, or just want a quick tutorial, we suggest playing through the Campaign.

This will take you through the basics of roller coaster building, as well as how to start the infrastructure of your park. The Campaign is split into different sections with new maps. For example, the first section consists of building a single roller coaster, while the next portion focuses on making a park in a spooky wooded area.

Each section of the campaign has a different ultimate goal, teaching you different mechanics of the game.

The HUD, Explained

The HUD is quite busy, especially if you have never played a management game. Above, you can see each portion of the HUD labeled, but we will also go over a brief description of each below.



Stick To A Theme

There are several themes you can choose from in Park Beyond, as well as a default theme. Rather than using all the themes, we suggest sticking to one.

If you want to have themed sections of your park, you can use more than one but overall, it may get a little visually cluttered if you use multiple themes at the same time.

Find A Target Demographic

Visitors in your park will have their own preferences when it comes to rides and amenities. For example, in the Gyrospin ride pictured above, the ride isn’t really liked by adults, but teens seem to love it. If you are playing on Campaign mode, you will choose who you are trying to appeal to.

When it comes to placing facilities in your park, you will need to keep this choice in mind. Overall though, you can choose to focus on a specific demographic, or focus on bringing to joy to everyone, regardless of age.