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How to game end mallcop
Chapter 1: Who is Mallcop?
Mallcop is the first enemy you encounter, he is recognisable as being the weakest enemy wielding only a pistol and no grenades.
He also sports a black vest that offers the weakest protection in the game

Chapter 2: How to game end
Funnily enough the easiest way to game end a Mallcop is simply kicking them
Ex: Kicking (Running + melee) (Jump while sprinting + melee)

But a simple round to the head also works since they have no head protection

I wouldn’t recommend grenades unless there are a lot of them in a group

Chapter 3: Why should you game end Mallcop?
Mallcop works for Horizon (The opposing faction in Trepang2) so you should game end him without hesitation.

Chapter 4: The End
Thank you for reading my guide on how to game end Mallcop
I hope my guide helps you in breaking out and unleashing hell on Horizon!