Jack Jeanne Cheats and Tips


Jack Jeanne Cheats and Tips



  • For the stat-raising aspect, the key solution is to primarily focus on the stat associated with each character. It’s colour coded for your convenience. For example, Mitsuki’s stat is “VOICE”, represented bylight blue,while Fumi’s stat is “AGILITY”, represented by the color, crimson red.
  • There are no right or wrong ways to max a specific character’s stat. However, it’s important to reach a stat level of 30/30 (or somewhere between 25-30) before December 25th (Christmas Day) in order to smoothly progress into a character’s individual route.
Pressing “R” during lessons should bring you to this screen
  • When you’re on the screen to select a lesson (a.k.a “My Room”), simply press ‘R’ to repeat that lesson for the entire week or the remaining days of the week. Just keep in mind to REST if your health bar is almost depleted. If you take lessons while your health bar is empty, there is a high chance that the lessons will fail, and there won’t be any stat increase for that day. The guides I’ve prepared will indicate the days on which you should rest to regain your health/stamina points every other week.
  • During the weekends, it is recommended to ‘Go Out’ and spend these days with the character you’re aiming for. By doing so, you will gain additional points on their stat meter.
  • After the “Newcomer’s Performance” (the first play), Mona Star School will unlock for the weekends. You can select Mona Star School, if you’ve got nothing you want to pick for weekend activities, This is also a good option for increasing stats. Keep in mind that selecting Mona Star School on weekends is optional.
  • There will be specific set dates where Quartz professor, Enishi (CV: Umehara) tells you what approximate placement Kisa should get for the individual awards depending on your stats. 
    • The dates are: April 28th, June 30th, September 22nd, November 23rd, and the final play changes depending on the route you’re in.
    • If you don’t receive a Gold Prediction prior to the Winter Performance, I recommend starting over from an earlier save point. Not obtaining a Gold in the Winter Play affects your getting a gold ranking for the final play (Univeil Performance), which is detrimental to achieving the character’s Best and Good Endings. If you’re following my walkthroughs, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.😘
  • During the Summer Break, which spans from July 27 to August 31, you not only have the option to “Go Out” on weekends but also on Tuesdays and Thursdays. While you can visit different locations and meet different people around Univeil, it is recommended to spend as much time with your chosen LI as frequently as possible to earn more points in their parameters. In addition, the points you get from doing lessons are also doubled during this time.
  • There’s a cute little calendar (that you can view by pressing ZL) that lays out your monthly schedule in the “My Room” section.


  • The game is very good at indicating when the rhythm game practice is. If you’re feeling unsure about it, I suggest creating a hard save on a separate file during your first playthrough.
    • Newcomer’s Performance practice: May 4th (Song), May 7th (Dance)
      Summer Performance practice: June 10th (Dance), June 26th (Song), June 29th (Dance)
      Fall Performance practice: Sept 2nd (Song), Sept 18th (Dance), October 5th (Dance)
      Winter Performance practice: Nov 4 (Song), Nov 12 (Dance), Nov 30 (Song)
      Univeil Performance practice: CHANGES BY ROUTE.

      • Suzu: Jan 7,13
      • Kai: Jan 8,12
      • Fumi: Jan 13,19
      • Neji: Jan 27,29
      • Mitsuki: Jan 11, Feb 1
      • Soshiro: Jan 11, 20
      • Kisa: Jan 8, 20
  • Practice is mandatory in the first playthrough; after that, you are free to skip it whenever you like.
  • All songs EXCEPT FOR THE LAST TWO (Quartz Anima and Over the Wall) will have practice segment for them.
  • Once you finish a playthrough, the rhythm game sections unlock in the gallery, allowing you to practice and try other difficulties without any consequences. With subsequent playthroughs, you can unlock the “Jack Jeanne” difficulty, which can only be played in the gallery.
  • Although the game does not care which difficulty level you use for the songs, to secure first place in the class awards, you will need to achieve an SS rank on at least one of the songs during a Performance/Play.
  • The ‘NORMAL’ and ‘HARD’ mode on the rhythm games are beginner-friendly. ‘EXPERT’ mode is where you want to be if you want some sort of challenge in your rhythm games.
  • The skill you receive during rhythm games is typically determined by the LI with the highest affection.
  • List of Skills:
    • Suzu and Kai: Doubles your points (lasts for 7 seconds)
    • Soshiro and Neji: Changes “GOOD” to “PERFECT” (lasts for 8 seconds)
    • Mitsuki and Fumi: Changes “MISSED” to “GOOD” (3x)
  • You have the option to play the rhythm game using your Switch’s touchscreen (both for the ‘sing’ & ‘dance’ part).
  • You have the option to change the controls of the Rhythm Game by accessing “Rhythm Actions” in the Options tab, or you can leave it as it is – whichever is comfortable for you!