We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie Cheats and Tips


We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie Cheats and Tips


General Tips

  • Don’t waste time trying to get every single thing you can roll up within one area, you can end up wasting time when there are larger items you can roll up elsewhere in the level, and you can always roll back into those items when travelling back through that area.
  • Something really key in Katamari’s design is exponential growth. You’ll be starting slow only gradually adding up centimeters at a time, but as more items roll into your katamari and can roll up bigger items, that size will increase more and more until you’re rolling over towns. So if a goal seems way too massive at the beginning of a level, you’ll be surprised at how quickly things build up near the end.
  • Dashing is useful if you need to cross a large area quickly, but the input isn’t all too reliable, and you’ll need to be careful where you roll to try and avoid crashing into anything, or you’ll send things flying from your katamari.
  • Items will add onto your katamari from where they touch your katamari, which means you can end up with objects sticking out and making your katamari lopsided, which’ll affect how you roll. Try to be mindful before making one side too lopsided.
  • The plaza has six screens in total, and in the guide, each screen is referred to by numerical order with 1 being the leftmost dot on the map on the bottom of the screen, and 6 being the rightmost. The map does wrap around so you can quickly travel from 1 to 6 by heading left.
  • Alongside the cousins, there are also collectibles in the form of presents and stickers hidden around the stages. Since they aren’t required for the platinum, they are not covered within this guide.
  • If you’re curious, a number of photos taken in this guide uses the games photo mode. If you want to unlock that, you’ll need to get the present hidden in As Large As Possible 2.


This game is largely controlled via the dual analogue sticks. If you need a reminder of how to play this game, below is all the controls as listed within the tutorial.


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