Jet Dragon Cheats and Tips


Jet Dragon Cheats and Tips



Soar the skies and race dragons.

Helm your father’s tower ship to build a team, raise dragons,

and realize your destiny, facing fierce rivals as you aim for the top.

Step through space and time into the world of Venerusa, where dragon racers soar the skies.

Game Features

Intuitive Races

Keep one eye on your stamina and the other on your opponents as you strike with the tap of a button!

Watch Your Dragons Grow

Train and breed dragons on board your tower ship to unlock their hidden potential!

Formidable Rivals

Venerusa’s best racers stand in your way. Impress them with your skills and recruit them to your team!

Perfect Pairs

The abilities you can use depend on the rider and dragon you field. Pick the right teams for the right races!

Challenging Courses

Race across a wide variety of courses with their own attributes, times of day, weather conditions, and geography!