Undawn Cheats and Tips


Undawn Cheats and Tips


1. Complete the main Missions 

Players must focus on completing the main storyline missions at the beginning of the game. This is so because players will thus get easily enhanced a lot at the beginning itself and the starting missions include a lot of tutorials which will thus help out beginners to know more about the gameplay mechanics and thus they can play well. 

2. Craft more Equipments

After every level-up, players must keep an eye on their crafting scenario so that they can easily craft up the best set of weapons and thus use them to fight against the zombies and hunt down animals to get the required resources. 

3. Survival is the key 

As it is a survival-based game, the main priority of the players must be their survival traits. Players must enhance and unlock more survival abilities so that they can easily help their character to survive in the worst possible conditions as well. 

4. Check on your Health

Players must keep an eye on their health while they move along the storyline. This can be easily done with the help of the health monitor watch that is thus provided in the game. Players can easily keep track of their bodies, hygiene, mental health, and other aspects. We will be discussing this particular topic in a detailed piece. 

5. Go for the best set of Weapons

Players must select the best set of weapons and utilities while they are in the world of Undawn. As a beginner, it is very common that they will get low-ranked utilities and guns. But by enhancing and leveling up faster into the game, players can thus easily get their hands on the strong weapons and thus use them against their opponents and easily kill them due to the sole fact that the best weapons come along with higher damage. 


Equipment is the section where players can check out all the unlocked equipment and thus they can easily enhance them with the help of Silvers. For unlocking more equipment, players must know about these easy processes and thus players can easily unlock more equipment.

Players must first know about the concept of crafting over the game, this will help them to unlock more weapons as they level up. Players mostly need Clerk Bark, Iron Ore, and Tattered animal skin which they need to filter out with the help of a refining machine that is mainly established over their homestead and then they can use them to craft equipment like Guns. 

Undawn Beginners Guide

The process of enhancing is also quite easy, players have to just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Menu section, and tap on the Equipment option. 
  • Then tap on the equipment you want to enhance over the given options. 
  • Check for the required amount of Silvers in enhancing the equipment. 
  • Then, tap on the Enhance button to enhance your chosen equipment. 



Skills are the section that holds up some handy gear that can help out players in the game while fighting with zombies and hunting down their prey for some necessary resources. The skills section has 2 more sections underneath:

Undawn Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite
  • Utility 
  • Powerups 

The utility section has three options of utilities that will thus help players in between the fights. These three options are:

  • Throw
  • Device
  • Passive 

The throw section shows up all the items that are under the throwable utilities and thus helps players to go for a wide range of attacks when they are attacked by a large group of zombies from a particular location itself.

The devices are utilities that are used quite strategy-wise and thus players can use them in between the fights and set up a trap for the zombies. Passive has some abilities that players can thus use up in between the fights and thus create an advantage for themselves to escape or provide more damage as per the opponent’s attack. 

The Powerup section brings along some of the great abilities that once unlocked, permanently sets up on the player’s skillsets, and thus the character becomes quite more enhanced during its fights.