AEW: Fight Forever Cheats and Tips


AEW: Fight Forever Cheats and Tips


Head straight to the challenges

When loading into AEW Fight Forever for the first time, the temptation is more than likely going to be to jump straight into a match or two to get a feel for the new game. Don’t do this.

Instead, head straight to the challenges section of the game in order to see what is on offer. By doing so, you can kill two birds with one stone and earn yourself some extra AEW Cash to spend in the AEW Shop. Whilst some of the challenges are a little more complex, there is also a host of simple challenges that can be completed without any prior knowledge of the game.

By completing these challenges early in your AEW Fight Forever career, you can get your hands on a little bit of extra cash. This will make your life easier when it comes to purchasing extra customisation options for your custom wrestlers.





Know your wrestlers

Whilst there will be a host of AEW fans who will know the roster like the back of their hand prior to picking up this title, there will also be a number of you who will be playing AEW without too much knowledge of the franchise.

But one thing we would advise is to make sure that you know the strengths and weaknesses of the wrestlers that you are taking into the squared circle, as it will make a lot of difference in-game.

For instance, if you taunt with a wrestler who is known for taunting in real life – the likes of MJF and Trent Beretta – then you will gain an extra momentum boost compared to if you taunt with those who aren’t known for their gamesmanship.

Similarly, those who are more inclined to take a dive from the top rope – the likes of Jeff Hardy and Sammy Guevara – are going to be more effective in the air in AEW Fight Forever, as they have the ‘Springboard Offense’ trait applied in-game.

By selecting ‘Settings’ and then ‘Wrestler Info’ you can learn more about the skillset of each wrestler on the AEW Fight Forever Roster, including their finishing moves, their signature moves and which action skills and passive skills they possess.

Action skills are those which will play a key role whilst fighting your opponent, whilst passive skills are non-combat traits which will give you an advantage over your opponent.

Don’t forget Cody

The final tip that we can give you when you load into the title for the first time is to make sure you don’t forget about Cody Rhodes!

Now this may seem simple to most after it was officially confirmed that the AEW turned WWE superstar would feature in the game. However, things are not as they seem. Rhodes will not appear in your initial roster, but he is available, you just have to go and find him.

In order to get your hands on The American Nightmare, you will have to head over to the AEW Shop and spend the necessary cash required in order to unlock him as a playable character.

Rhodes will cost 10,000 AEW Cash to purchase, which isn’t an issue, as you are awarded that exact sum after completing your first game against the CPU. So if you can’t see Cody at first glance then fear not, as he is available, he’s just hidden away.