Dave the Diver Cheats and Tips


Dave the Diver Cheats and Tips


Upgrade Dave’s Diving Suit And Weapons

Players can use the gold earned from profits at the Bancho Sushi restaurant to purchase various upgrades to their diving suit and weapons. Doing so is a crucial part of making progress in Dave the Diver – not only does it allow players to dive for longer and deeper, but it also enables them to defend themselves more effectively against the Blue Hole’s more sinister inhabitants.

Being able to spend more time diving in the Blue Hole also makes it more likely for players to find treasure chests and rarer, more valuable types of fish to sell at Bancho Sushi. So, beginners to the game should absolutely prioritise upgrading their in-game gear ASAP.

If Players Die, They Should Choose The Item They Keep Wisely

When players die in Dave the Diver, they’ll only be able to keep one of the possibly many items they’ve found or obtained while diving for that day in the Blue Hole.

Because of this, choosing the right item to keep after dying is absolutely crucial. Players should consider whether they’d benefit from keeping a particular fish that is part of a best-selling dish on their menu at Bancho Sushi, or if it would be more worthwhile to keep some treasure that they’ve found. Carefully think about which item to keep after dying before committing to it.

Use Dave’s Phone To Maximize Productivity

Dave’s mobile phone in Dave the Diver is full of handy apps and features to help players maximize their success in the game. Players can contact Dave’s friends, who can give him tips and pointers for whichever tasks or objectives he needs to complete on a given day.

Additionally, the Emails and To-Do List apps are handy for gathering information about the various fish available in the tropical Blue Hole. As players progress through the game, they’ll unlock the iDiver app, which Dave can use to upgrade his gear – crucial for getting as much out of the game as possible.

Learn To Pour The Perfect Cup Of Green Tea

Green tea is an absolute cash cow in Dave the Diver, as long as players are able to learn how to use it effectively. The amount of gold Dave earns for a cup of green tea is actually based on how well it’s been poured – cups that are too full or not full enough are worth far less than a perfectly poured cup.

Pouring green tea doesn’t take much time, either, so it’s a great way to maximize the amount of gold earned for a night of service at Bancho Sushi. Practicing pouring green tea until players can do it perfectly is well worth the effort.

Make The Menu As Diverse As Possible

Learning how to properly fill out the menu for a night of service at Bancho Sushi is crucial for making as much gold as possible at the restaurant. A more varied menu with a wider variety of dishes and rarer kinds of fish will net Dave a far greater profit than a meager selection of a few types of fish.

As such, players should carefully build each night’s menu around the widest array of dishes possible, placing particular emphasis on rarer, heavier fishes. Players who do this should be raking in the gold in no time!