Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Cheats and Tips


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Cheats and Tips


Amulets and Rings

Over the course of your adventure, you’re going to come across various amulets and rings, which are usually scattered in treasure chests located in Osiris’ tomb, as well as in hidden areas along the way. These are collectibles that actually serve a purpose, as, once equipped, they provide you with a boost in performance in a certain area, whether it’s with faster movement, faster shooting rate, increased range on bombs or some other area.

It’s best to play around with these effects as you collect new items, as you can see immediately what kind of purpose they serve as you proceed through the level. To equip them, simply go to the game’s sub-menu and move it around to your equipment. Once you do, you’ll be good to go.

Out of all the ones available, the amulets and rings that give your weapons a push are the best to have. The increased bomb radius, for example, is ideal for destroying more enemies in one shot, as well as destroying more underground areas to uncover hidden gems. The rate of fire will also come in handy, as you’ll be able to mow down more enemies and stay alive – for a bit longer, anyway.

Again, try the effects of each one, and you’ll discover which ones serve you best on your journey. Don’t be afraid to pass around the love in co-op as well – you don’t need to hog all the rings and amulets for yourself, you looter.

Locating the Red Skulls

One major collectible strewn throughout each stage is the red skull, these little goodies that, once located, can unlock a cool new item for you, such as a powerful weapon (like the flamethrower) or a highly effective ring or amulet. So it helps to take the time and track each of these down.

There are five red skulls scattered throughout each stage, and most of them are pretty out of the way. You’ll want to watch out for some hints that give away their location. 

First off, look out for gems. If you see some area where a few gems are scattered, you should be able to reach it – one way or another – with your character. Once you do so, you may dig a little deeper into the cave and, surprise, find a red skull.

Also, don’t be afraid to look higher. Most red skulls are conveniently out of reach in some cases, but you can use your grappling hook to climb up and grab them, or find a way to climb up and jump across to grab them. Don’t go killing yourself like crazy accessing them – look around and find a good access point where you can swing over and grab it. The game wasn’t made to off yourself several times – there’s a way you can get them and stay alive.

Remember, red skulls are the best collectible here, so make sure you hunt them down in-between gem pick-ups.

Teamwork Is Key

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris can be played solo, and rewards the player for taking on challenges by themselves, but it’s best as a co-op experience, as up to four people can join in a session, either online or locally (even though not everyone can play as Lara – ah, well.)

Working as a team, you’ll discover that some of the puzzles have been shifted around, requiring teamwork in order to get through them. For some instances, the Egyptian characters can generate a bubble shield around them, creating a “stepping stone” as of sorts to Lara and her human buddy, so they can reach a higher area. Likewise, the humans can use their grappling cables to shoot down to their compatriots and haul them up, so they can get around.

The idea here is to stay focused as a team. If your crew goes wandering off, you’ll never be able to complete a level with all its collectibles and such. Try to stick together and approach each puzzle with logic, so that you can get through it and move on. It also helps to have each other’s backs when it comes to combat, as enemies will come at you from all sides. Try to guard a particular corner with combat, so that your fellow players aren’t overwhelmed by enemies.

Working together, you’ll find Temple of Osiris to be a rewarding experience – and  a lot of fun to boot. That’s even with all the looting that’s happening. There’s enough for everyone, you know.