Placid Plastic Duck Simulator Cheats and Achievements


Placid Plastic Duck Simulator Cheats and Achievements


Ducks By Numbers in Placid Duck Simulator


There are three different easy achievements that are completed just by having some ducks land in the pool; there is an achievement for three ducks, for twenty, then for collecting all the possible base-game ducks. These are:

  • Three is Company – Get three ducks.
  • Duck invasion – Get 20 ducks.
  • That’s all, ducks! – Get all the ducks; this doesn’t include the ducks from the DLC.

Event Achievements in Placid Duck Simulator

In this game all about enjoying the little things, there are a grand total of 28 achievements, and 15 of these are base-game event achievements. These are gotten when the game gives players a certain duck, an event happens outside the pool, or a certain duck has something happen to it.

Family Pond (Hidden)


One of the many ducks in this indie game that players can get in their pools in the main game is a momma duck that comes with several little tiny plastic ducklings. Once this duck and her babies drop into the pool, players will get this achievement.

Make a Wish


During the night on the pool map, players can sometimes see a shooting star over the pool. This will trigger the “Make a Wish” achievement.

Catch a Flight



See a video game airplane fly overhead the pool for this goal.

Way to the Shore (Hidden)


There are a couple of ducks in this immersive sim game that have the ability to do something beyond floating around. One of these is a duck with a spinny hat that can launch him out of the pool and into the ocean like a helicopter. There are other ducks that can get this achievement, but this one seems to be the fastest.

Private Pool


This achievement occurs when a duck slides from the big pool into the smaller pool in this replayable sim game.

On Fire



There are a couple of ducks that shoot or have flames on them, and several ducks that are super flammable. One of the fire ducks has to catch a flammable duck on fire.

Ducks Adrift


If players are looking out over the ocean, they may see a bunch of ducks going by.



There is a pipe that can suck ducks from the small pool to the big one. The first duck that goes through the pipe will trigger this achievement.


Putting Challenge (Hidden)



A golf ball will fall from the sky at some point, giving players this achievement.



A little tiny alien ship will come by, stealing a duck or two before disappearing into the night.

Watery Help


There are a handful of ducks that shoot water, including the firefighter duck and the clown duck. One of these two just needs to put an on-fire duck out.

Cruise Ship


Look out over the water and eventually there will be a cruise ship that goes by. This will trigger the Cruise Ship achievement.



In order to get this achievement, players will need to have both a duck with fire and the firecracker duck. Once the firecracker duck’s fuse is lit, it will launch into the heavens and explode into a shower of pretty sparks.



There is both a bee duck and a plant duck. These two must both be in the pool together. Once they get close enough, the bee duck will start to circle the plant duck, triggering the event.

Floatpiercer ​​​​​​(Hidden)


There is a cute-but-creepy stabby duck with a sharp knife that can float around in the pool. If the flamingo floaty gets into the pool with this stabby duck, it can end up with no air in it at the bottom of the pool.