Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII Cheats


Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII Cheats


Multiple Players

During play (you must start a 1-player game as normal), press and hold R1, R2, L1 and L2, then press Select. A menu will appear which will allow you to select up to 7 additional officers currently at play in the game to be put under user control. You may also use the code to remove players from the game, then add different ones. You may even remove all players from the game and watch as the scenario plays out in AI-only. TIP: Great way to get that favorite general of yours that skill you want him to have. Train him in the right city and then make him computer-controlled again when he’s got the skill.
Effect Code
Multiplayer functionality – add/remove players R1, R2, L1, L2, Select during game


Secret Characters

Choose ”New Officer” from the main menu,then create a new officer with one of the following names to unlock a secret character.The secret character don’t have special faces,but almost all of them have better abilities and skills.You’ll here a fanfare if you’ve entered a name correctly,after which the character’s Type,Ability,Skills and Gender cannot be modified.
Note that you must enter the first name of each character in the ”last name” box on the left, and vice versa.Only the first letter of each first name and each last name should be capitalized:

Mark Antony
Daniel Boone
Augustus Caesar
Jeanne Darc
Lady Diana
Albert Einstein
Mahatma Gandhi
Robin Hood
Harry Houdini
Genghis Khan
Abe Lincoln
Thomas Paine
Nikola Tesla
Dynasty Warrior
George Patton(note: put a space after ”George”)
Mother Theresa(note: put a space after ”Mother”)
Benedict Arnold
Sitting Bull
Julius Caesar
Charles Darwin
Wyatt Earp
Ben Franklin
Ulysses Grant
Crazy Horse
Norma Jean
Robert Lee
Gitaroo Man
Betsy Ross
Sun Tzu
U 1