The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Chapter 1 Lloyd route Cheat


The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Chapter 1 Lloyd route Cheat


Chapter 1 – Lloyd route: Re-Independence Day

Re-Independence Day


  • Book
    • Crossbell Times Independence Day Special Issue (クロスベルタイムズ・独立特集) – Times Department Store in Central Square or Tally’s General Store in West Street (100 mira)
  • Recipes
    • Improvisational Potato Salad (即興ポテトサラダ) – Jazz Bar Garante in Entertainment District (500 mira)
    • Long Lau Mabo Tofu (龍老麻婆豆腐) – Long Lau Inn in East Street (300 mira)
    • after you acquire your first recipe there will be a tutorial on cooking; see Cooking section of guide for more information
  • Fishing
    • Crossbell Harbor, near the lighthouse – first catch will be species #1, Kasagin (カサギン)
    • One-off Handle (ワンオフハンドル) rod upgrade – purchase at Fishing Association in East Street (2400 mira)
    • see the Fishing section for more information
  • After some events you’ll end up in the cemetery behind Crossbell Cathedral
  • If you loaded data from Zero Kai and/or Ao Kai, you’ll receive your rewards now
  • Noel and Wazy join the party
    • receive Noel’s attachment “no hat” (帽子無し)
  • If this is a subsequent playthrough, you can now open the cross-story menu (right on the D-Pad) and switch to Chapter 1 – Rean route if you wish
  • Otherwise, head out toward the cathedral entrance for a scene
  • Tutorial on the minimap (press Down on the D-Pad to expand the minimap) and the notebook (press the right side of the touchpad to open it)
    • some character notes will be added to the notebook; from here on out I will only mention character notes which are not acquired automatically
  • Exit to Mainz Mountain Road (マインツ山道)
    • you can fight a bit here if you like (you’ll come back in a later chapter and the same enemies will still be here), but you won’t be allowed to explore beyond the bridge toward the northwest
  • When you enter Crossbell City; you’ll be given the choice to go to West Street (西通り, top option) or the Entertainment District (歓楽街, second option)
  • Tutorial on fast travel (Square button to open fast travel menu)
    • new locations will not appear in the fast travel menu until you have visited them manually once
  • Talk to a bunch of people and see some events around the city (red !s)
    • West Street
      • event in former law offices (法律事務所跡)
      • talk to Randy & Mireille twice outside Morges Bakery
      • (optional) talk to Oscar inside Morges Bakery to receive 3x Anniversary Rolls
    • Central Square (中央広場)
      • talk to Wendy in Genten Orbal Store
        • this will enable all the orbal workshop functions
          • orbment slots can now be opened to level 3
        • Wendy will give you an Analyze UR quartz and all sepith x150
      • event in front of the SSS building
      • talk to Sergei & Sonya in Sergei’s office
    • Entertainment District
      • event in Arc en Ciel (you need to actually go up onto the stage, either by using the stairs from the audience seating, or by passing through the left-side hallway from the lobby)
    • East Street (東通り)
      • event at Bracer Guild – Crossbell branch (遊撃士協会・クロスベル支部)
      • event in Fishing Association (釣公師団)
        • you’ll receive a fishing rod, rod upgrade, and 5x bait
        • fishing added to notebook
      • approach the group eating at the large central table in Long Lau Inn (龍老飯店) for an event
    • Harbor District (港湾区)
      • talk to Agate and the others in the IBC Building (out the north exit of the Harbor District)
    • Administrative District (行政区)
      • approach Estelle and Joshua near the central fountain for an event
      • talk to Elie and the others upstairs in City Hall
      • event in Crossbell Police headquarters
  • If this is your first playthrough, after you’ve seen the events with Randy, Elie and at the Crossbell Police HQ, the “cross-story” menu will become available
    • hit right on the D-Pad to open the cross-story menu
    • in the menu, go left or right to select a route, up or down to view the segments of that route which have been unlocked, X to choose a route, then top choice to confirm
    • some routes are unavailable until you complete certain segments of other routes. These will show “Locked” (in English), have a small lock icon on them, and/or when you hit X on them nothing will happen, so it will be very obvious which ones you can’t access. Choose a different route and keep playing to unlock them
    • press Circle to back out of the menu if you decide not to change routes
    • for simplicity I recommend continuing with Lloyd’s route before switching over to Rean, but it’s your choice; if you do change routes, note that you will be required to return and complete Lloyd’s route before moving on to the third and final route in Chapter 1
  • After viewing all the required events in Crossbell, go to a different area (or just go outside if you’re in a building) and Dudley will call with a task for the SSS
  • Go back to the former law offices in West Street and talk to Pete (red !)
  • Head into the Geofront via the door inside the Law Office
    • when you go in, you’ll be asked to choose another member of the SSS to accompany you (Elie, Tio or Randy)
    • Rixia will also join the party

Enemy List

Mainz Mountain Road
Enemy Level Drops
ペトロドローメ Petro Drome 99 Globby Fat x1-2 U-Material
ドング Dong 99 Assorted Grains x1-2 U-Material x1-2

Securing the Geofront

  • You will be in Geofront B, Area SII
  • Tutorial on quartz/Master Quartz
  • When you move ahead a short distance to the orbment station there will be a brief conversation about how this is one of the special ones where you can not only heal but also purchase items, synthesize quartz, upgrade weapons, etc.
  • Before the miniboss at the next red ! your team will discuss the new combat feature “Valiant Rage” and there will be a tutorial during battle
    • Valiant Rage is a group action that can be used when you have at least 5 party members and at least one bar of your Assault Gauge filled
      • the 5 party members must not have any conditions which prevent them from participating, e.g. K.O. or Faint
      • characters in the EXTRA slot(s) also count toward the 5-person minimum
    • press and hold R2 during battle to display the Valiant Rage options
      • R2 + Triangle: Valiant Heal – heals the party’s HP, cures all ailments and stat down, DEF & ADF up
      • R2 + Square: Valiant Arts – arts attack which hits all enemies; cures mute and stat down, EP & ATS up
      • R2 + X: Valiant Attack – weapon attack which hits all enemies; cures seal and stat down, CP & STR up
    • all types of Valiant Rage also add BP
    • Valiant Rage effectiveness can be increased in the True Reverie Corridor which you will be able to visit in Chapter 2
  • Proceed through the Geofront, hitting switches as needed to move floor panels
  • Forced battle near the end of the first area: 3x Habanerian G
  • Continue through the second area to a boss
  • Boss: Gandruva
    • can cause burn, blind and seal
    • can cast Crescent Mirror on itself, so be careful when using arts or magic-based crafts
  • After the battle and events, the game will warn you that the main story will continue when you leave the Geofront
  • Return to the entrance of the Geofront via the fast travel menu (unless you want to walk all the way back) – Square, then just select the areas with the red ! on them to get back
  • When you head out the exit, the game will warn you (again) that if you continue, the main story will advance and you won’t be able to return to Lloyd’s route for a while
    • top choice to continue the story
    • the game will display this same warning and choice each time any route reaches a point of no return

Treasure Chests

Location Contents
Geofront B – Area SII (1) ブレイブシード Brave Seed
耀脈 Septium Vein
ゼラムパウダー Zeram Powder
Geofront B – Area SII (2) フローラルボトル Floral Bottle
精霊香 Spirit Incense
シルバーソーンUR Silver Thorn UR
ブルーペンデュラム Blue Pendulum

Enemy List

Geofront B – Area SII
Enemy Level Drops
ニードル・ポー Needle – Po 100 Antidote x1-2 U-Material
トルゾーMkIIIS Torso Mk-IIIS 100 Cooling Spray x1-2 U-Material x2-3
ハバネリアンG Habanerian G 100 Sedative x1-2 U-Material x2-4
グリンヤ・カー Grinya – Ka 100 S-Tablet U-Material
スペリオルヤ・カー Sperioria – Ka 101 U-Material x3-5 Spirit Droplet x1-2
ガンダルヴァ Gandruva 102 U-Material x8

The Signing Ceremony, and Then…

  • A bunch of events, then boss battles
  • Boss: Black Guard (sword), (different) Black Guard (sword), 2x Black Guard (gun)
    • as noted above, there are two enemies with the same name, but which are different entries in the battle book, so be sure to scan both
  • Boss: Former Governor Rufus
    • +3 bonus AP: reduce Rufus’s HP below a certain amount
    • on his first turn Rufus will use an Anti-Order which increases delay of your team by 50% for six turns
  • End of Chapter 1 – Lloyd route

Enemy List

Crossbell City
Enemy Level Drops
黒の衛士(剣) Black Guard (sword) 101 U-Material x2
黒の衛士(銃) Black Guard (gun) 101 U-Material x2
黒の衛士(剣) Black Guard (sword) 101 U-Material x2
ルーファス元総督 Former Governor Rufus 102 (none)