Sakura Taisen V Episode 0: Kouya no Samurai Musume Cheats


Sakura Taisen V Episode 0: Kouya no Samurai Musume Cheats


Unlock Passwords for Secret Characters

These passwords have been taken straight from the Japanese Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 homepage. In order to use these passwords, you must first clear the game with Gemini once. 

After clearing the game once, go to the password entry screen. Input the first password. This is a universal unlock password for the game. It will allow you to unlock Sakura Shinguji on horseback and Koubu F2 – Erika Unit without having to use save data from the games: Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishio ni and Sakura Taisen Monogatari: Mysterious Paris.

Effect Password
Universal unlock password. Allows you to use the following passwords to unlock characters without combining data from previous games. 14085372
Unlocks Erika on horseback 00015000
Unlocks Koubu F2 – Erika Unit 10105866
Unlocks Sakura Shinguji on horseback 11914121


Sercet Characters

Unlockable How to Unlock
Erica’s Kobu F Combine completed Sakura Taisen: Mysterious Paris save file
Ogami Ichiro Complete game once
Ogami’s Kobu Use Shinguji Sakura to beat the game once
Sakura’s Kobu Use Erica’s Kobu F to beat the game once
Shinguji Sakura Combine completed Sakura Taisen 1 save file