Gimmick! Special Edition Cheats


Gimmick! Special Edition Cheats


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Gimmick! Special Edition: How to Unlock the Final Level, Extra Lives & Good Ending.. To unlock the final level in Gimmick! Special Edition, you must collect all six magic items without using any continues. Each stage contains a secret item that you need to find and collect.

By collecting these six magic items, you will receive bonus points, which will grant you extra lives. Typically, you will receive a couple of extra lives per item collected.

To unlock the good ending, you must collect all six magic items without using any continues. By accomplishing this, you will be rewarded with the happy ending to the game.

Gimmick! Special Edition: How to Control the Standstill Enemy
In Level 2 of Gimmick! Special Edition, after reaching the top of the ship, go down the pipe to enter the cannon room. Proceed to the left in this room, where you will encounter an enemy that remains stationary. To control this standstill enemy, use the second controller. You can bring it to life and move it around using your own hands.

Gimmick! Sound Test Cheat Code
In the original NES version of Gimmick!, you can access the Sound Test menu by entering the following code: On the Title Screen, hold down the Select button and press Start.

In the Gimmick! Special Edition re-release, the Sound Test menu is already unlocked in the Main Menu as part of the Special Edition’s extra features.

Gimmick! Special Edition: Tips and Tricks
Here are some useful tips and tricks for Mr. Gimmick! The subtitles will provide gameplay basics as you embark on your adventure, including platforming challenges and strategies to defeat all boss fights, leading up to the final boss.