Second Sight Cheats


Second Sight Cheats


Chat Room GC

In the level where you get your psy attack abillity, in the beginning, there is a computer by the dead guard. Go onto the computer and find the program with the smily face thingy symbol. Click on it and you’ll enter a chat room with the dead guard’s girlfriend. She’ll say things like are you there and stuff.

Extra Training Mission GC

After beating either the Preparation level or beating the game you can go to Stark’s training arena through the level select by choosing it in the Preparation difficulty menu. The training area is behind the gate you always go to in the end of the other training missions. 

This mission is a little harder than those pathetic exercises from before. Aim for the snipers and security cameras first, then check around corners. There are about 15 to 20 enemies, and maybe 4 cameras in all.


Earth Impact Mini Game GC

In the Reliance level, enter the main building and look for a room with an arcade machine. Play the arcade game to unlock Earth Impact.

X-Space ’92 Mini Game GC

This Mini Game is found in the Madness level. Before reaching the third checkpoint, look for a room with a guard by the door, and enter it. Afterwards, look for a disk on top of a shelf. Use Telekinesis to get the disk, and then insert it into any computer in the level. This will unlock the X-Space ’92 Mini Game.