Testament: The Order of High-Human Trophies


Testament: The Order of High-Human Trophies


Precious discovery

Find the first consumable
Cherchant les chercheurs
Seeking the seekers

Clear the Chamber of Radiance
Chasseur de prédateurs
Predator hunter

Kill Elite Rakka Warrior
Un petit peu de pouvoir
A little bit of power

Unlock the intermediate tier circle

Reveal the first enemy’s information by useing insight mode
Tueur de bêtes
Beast slayer

Kill The Nature Beast
La vérité déplaisante
The ugly truth

Clear the Chamber of Brilliance
Wielder of different powers

Unlock the master tier circle
Détruiseur des bigots
Destroyer of the bigots

Kill both of Stone Centurion
Je vis pour les défis
I live for a challenge

Kill 50 enemies by using the elements they are resistant to.
Seigneur de la destruction
Lord of destruction

Destroy 500 destructable
Digne d'un Haut Humain
Worthy of a High Human

Unlock the High Human tier circle
The Heretic

Kill the Oracle
Master of creation

Find all consumables
Le Testament
The Testament

Clear the Chamber of Luminance
Une promesse tenue
A fullfilled promise

Kill Missora
Je te vois
I see you

Kill 100 darkness eyes
Frapper là où ça fait mal
Hit where it hurts

Hit 200 enemies’ weakpoint
Non guerrier
Not a warrior

Kill 200 enemies by using their weaknesses

Stealth Kill 50 enemies
Le légendaire Solaris
The legenday Solaris

Fully upgrade Solaris
Vrai Haut Humain
True High Human

Reach the maximum capacity of condensed life and spirit essences
Trinité de sang
Blood trinity

Kill all three blood witches
Le destin d'un Éveillé
An Awakened’s destiny

Kill Algina the awakened
Maître des puzzles
Puzzle master

Sovle 10 seeker’s light puzzle
Au revoir frère
Goodbye brother

Kill Arva
Maître artisan
Master craftman

Craft 50 Items
Archer des légendes
Archer of the legends

Kill 5 enemies with one arrow
Franchissement de limite
Limit breakthrough

Unlock all perks
Tessara reste
Tessara remains

Complete the game in normal mode
Le radin
The Miser

Store 50000 Shards of Creation
Fin du voyage
End of the journey

Complete the game in easy mode
Historien de Tessara
Tessara’s historian

Collect all of the game’s notes
Récolte abondante
Bountiful harvest

Earn 80000 Shards of Creation
Fête de l'électricité
Elctricity party

Stun more than 10 enemies at the same time
Le complétiste
The completionist

Complete all quests
L'Enfer se lève
Hell rising

Burn 100 enemies
Progénitures des Ténèbres vaincues
Dark spawn vanquished

Complete all of “Devils and heroes” quests
Le tout-sachant
The all knowing

Reveal all enemies’ information by useing insight mode
Celui qui a tout surmonté
The one who overcame it all

Complete the game in hard mode
Le drogué
The addict

Use 5 Items at the same time