Exoprimal Cheats and Tips


Exoprimal Cheats and Tips


Team Synergy Is The Key To Victory!

Look, we get it: you want to be a cyber ninja. So do your friends. You all want to run around, slashing your sword, and pretending you are Grey Fox. Cool. But also, you are dooming your team. Classes exist for more than just variety. You will want to have a Tank Unit on your team when you are facing off against the opposition or when you are dealing with more serious threats. Tanking can be pretty important, y’all!

You will be able to do without a Witchdoctor for a number of missions, but at some point, you are going to need a healer to help keep everyone alive. Remember, you can switch Exosuits on the fly. So, if your team is lacking an important component, be flexible and swap out so that you can help enhance your team’s chances. Being reactive to your situation, as opposed to trying to be a specialist, can absolutely win the day in Exoprimal. On that note, a well-formed team will being the match playing an assault-type unit, and transition into a specialized role during later missions as they are needed.

It doesn’t take long to switch Exosuits, and you are given notice before a dinosaur arrives. So, you do have time for reactive Exosuit swapping.

Don’t Be Stingy With Your Abilities

At the end of the day, if you are “saving” your ultimate, that just means that you aren’t building towards a second one. There are certainly times when it makes sense to hold onto it. Maybe you are nearing the final mission, and you know you won’t be able to get another in time for the big battle, then it may be worth saving that one, but for the most part, you are better off letting your abilities rip.

This is doubly true for your core abilities. They recharge quickly, and will always be ready for the next mission, so you don’t need to be precious about them. Cycle through those abilities as often as possible. That is how you will maximize your dino-killing potential!

Be A Supportive Team Member

When it comes to the best support unit, we feel like the Witch Doctor is a slam dunk. Not only does this Exosuit substantially boost your team’s survivability with its potent healing abilities, but it also comes rocking some truly excellent mobility. Whenever you are in a pinch, you can jump away in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the Witch Doctor’s primary weapon may do measly damage, but it can stun enemies, which can open up opportunities for more DPS focused units to really let loose.

While we wouldn’t suggest that you use the Witch Doctor class for most Dino Cull missions, they are quite good at batting Pteranodons out of the air. Especially if you use the module to extend the range of the shock gun.

However, the big thing to remember about every support unit—but especially The Witch Doctor—is that this class-type is excellent for survivability, but it will stymie your DPS. So, early missions, when your allies aren’t as likely to take serious damage, you will probably want to stick with an Assault unit. Unless, that is, you have a team that coordinates well and can use the Witch Doctors ability to shock enemies to their advantage effectively. Which brings us to our next point…

First And Foremost Exoprimal Is A Race!

A really well-balanced team is fantastic for survivability, but balance isn’t necessarily the key to victory. Sure, you may kill a Carnotaurus without a member ever being downed, but if the other team manages to kill their Carnotaurus twenty seconds faster, it doesn’t matter if they sustained losses in the process. Everything needs to be service of speed.

If you feel like we are sending mixed messages here, as we JUST mentioned how effective playing a support character can be, understand that everything goes back to adaptability. There are scenarios where it just isn’t efficient to be using non-DPS type characters. That being said, if your team is constantly getting wiped then you need a support unit so that you aren’t being slowed by constantly needing to revive members of the squad. That is the essential push-pull of the game.

Another component worth considering is being more efficient between missions. When you are running to the next objective, use any abilities you may have to get there quicker. Only one member needs to get to the mission’s start point for the mission to begin, and there is no time to dawdle in between encounters. Zephyr’s Turbine Step is particularly good at zipping to the next mission. It may not seem like much, but seconds matter!