Pikmin 4 Cheats and Tips


Pikmin 4 Cheats and Tips


Know Your Pikmin

You’ll encounter several types of Pikmin while exploring, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each one can help you manage them efficiently.

For example, Red Pikmin are great for fighting creatures and are resistant to fire, but they can’t cross water or reach high places. You can have three types of Pikmin at a time, and bringing the right ones should make exploration a breeze.

Bring More Pikmin by Collecting Flarlic

You’ll start the game with a limit of 20 Pikmin to lead while on the surface. As you keep exploring, you’ll eventually find a white bulb called Flarlic. Each collected Flarlic raises the cap by 10, allowing you to bring more Pikmin!

Find Onions to Produce Other Pikmin Types

Colored bulbs called Onions will appear throughout your exploration. Bringing these back will let you produce the other types of Pikmin from pellets or defeated creatures. Note that the Pikmin type depends on the ones that brought it! You can tell by the color of the numbers while it’s being transported.

Increase Pikmin with Pellets, Defeated Foes, and Wild Pikmin

You can increase the number of Pikmin in the Onion by collecting Pikmin Pellets, defeating foes at the surface, and recruiting wild Pikmin within caves. This will come in handy when you increase your max Pikmin limit or lose some Pikmin to enemies.

Command Oatchi Effectively

Oatchi is your new loyal companion in Pikmin 4! He can help you ride to reach new places by jumping and swimming and can sniff out treasure and Castaways. Not only that, this Rescue Pup can act as a second captain for the Pikmin!

There’s always something to do while you’re out exploring, and since Oatchi can do so many things, using him is key if you want to multitask in the game. Remember to use Shortcuts to make commanding him easier.

Train Oatchi at the Command Rescue Post

Every rescue you complete adds to Oatchi’s Pup Drive! You can use these points to gain or level up Oatchi’s skills to better help you as you explore this unknown planet. Talk to Captain Shepherd to train Oatchi and choose skills depending on your own Dandori playstyle.

Rescue Castaways in Caves

As a Rescue Corps member, your main task is to save the Castaways that crashed on the planet. These Castaways can be found in Caves, where you’ll need to solve puzzles and beat creatures to rescue them.

Rescuing also builds up Oatchi’s Pup Drive, which will make the best boy even better!