LISA: The JOYFUL Achievements


LISA: The JOYFUL Achievements


Got it!
This achievement is unlocked through story progression.

Fan Club
Got it!
In area 2 of the game (where you can go fight the last 3 names on the list) Enter the cave with the big door and kill the JOY mutant (Arty), go through the end of the next area and open the chest.

The Beat Never Dies
His Hot Fire is even hotter in Hell.
In area 2 of the game enter the cave with dices on the wall, go to the bottom of the cave and walk to the left, you’ll enter a hidden area, go up the ladders and in the middle section of the mountain in the far left press the action button on the grass to enter a hidden cave, walk to the right of the cave to get a little cutscene and the achievement

No Friends
Walk the path alone.

NOTE: this achievement can only be achieved before finishing “the list” of people you need to kill, trying to get this achievement after killing all the names on the list won’t work.

In the same cave where you get the “The Beat Never Dies” achievement, walk to the far left and get the item (Green Helmet). Leave the cave and go to the top of the mountain, on one of the bushes you’ll find the item Dynamite.
Go to the Area 2 of the game and look for a human-size rock, press the action button to use the dynamite, enter the cave and take your mask off (if you are using one), at the end of the cave you’ll find an NPC, talk to him and he’ll tell you to go away.
After finishing “the list” go again where he was and you’ll find his corpse, try to talk to him and you’ll get the achievement.

Got it!
In the same place you got the “No Friends” achievement, go to the left and enter the cabin, go to the far right and press the action button to go down a hidden ladder, run to the far left of the screen and then count 4 pieces of cloth and stand on the fourth one (pic related)

Press the action button and you’ll enter a small room with a punching bag, punch the bag with the action button until a hole appears on the left of the screen, then enter the hole (pic related)

Go to the center of the room and get the mask, you’ll get the achievement at the same time

The Source
The resting place of the Darkness.
In Area 1 of the game, go to the sub-area with the bar and go to the far left screen, go to the left corner and jump (you won’t die but you’ll be hit for 100hp), Put the Joy Mask on (the one you got on the “Joy” achievement) go to the far left and enter the hidden area (door won’t open if you don’t use the Joy mask).
You’ll find a coffin and a letter, read the letter and leave the area, this will trigget a cutscene and you’ll get the achievement.

I’m Sorry
I’d change everything if I could.
NOTE: to get this achievement you’ll need the Joy mas you get completing the “Joy” achievement.
After you kill Rando, enter that area with your Joy mask ON, you’ll see Brad next to Rando, talk to him and you’ll get the achievement.

False God.
Finish the game without doing the steps of “The Source” and “I’m Sorry”.

The breeding ground.
Finish the game doing the steps of “I’m Sorry” achievement.

Finish the game doing the steps of “The Source” achievement.