My Friendly Neighborhood Cheats and Tips


My Friendly Neighborhood Cheats and Tips


The Punch Card Clock Puzzle

If you are having trouble, it’s okay. Each step is simple, but knowing how they fit together is tricky. You got this!

First, the machine requires two pieces to activate. One can be found on Ray’s stage. The other can be found in the janitor locker room. Once the two pieces are plugged in to the top of the machine it will be ready to spit out punch cards.

Objective: To open the door, each of the clocks must be moved to the right position. The machine makes punch-cards that move the clocks. Each shape represents a number on the card to move the clock.

To Operate the Puzzle: Pick any three shapes and pull the machine lever to make a card. Take the card, put it in a slot on one of the clock podiums, and pull its lever to feed it in. The right combination will get the job done.

The code to the symbols can be found in the window of the save room, looking down at the clocks.

  • The code is Square = +2, Triangle = -1, Circle +6.

The Important Part!

Tired of brute forcing punch-cards? The code from left-to-right is: 

  • Square Square Triangle, Circle Square Square, and Circle Square Triangle.

Once all the clocks are in the right position, you’ll be well on your way!


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