Remnant II Cheats and Tips


Remnant II Cheats and Tips


Remnant II Tips

Randomly, you will get flung into one of the multiple worlds in Remnant II at the beginning, fighting trigger-happy residents of a rundown city or alien animal men with pulsing guns. From the procedural generation to progression through worlds, developer Gunfire Games designed Remnant II to be different for each player.

Regardless of the world, the biggest tip we can give you is thoroughly explore your surroundings.

You’ll find barrels, vases, and other breakable objects with crafting materials and tradeable scrap. Remnant II peppers purple items around nooks and crannies, which you can pick up to acquire accessories or earn a trait point.

Accessories are valuable. One can regenerate your health by running, while another increases melee damage. Some are simpler than others, but thanks to the five accessory slots, you can mix and find the right combo for your build.






And while exploring, always make time to venture through side dungeons indicated by a white diamond on your map before heading to a main area. You could find puzzle rooms with treasure, accessories, crafting materials, and more. If you’re lucky, side areas with one of two unique items may be just what you need to overcome a boss fight.

If you don’t like your starting class, you can change your archetype to Challenger, Handler, Medic, or Hunter by getting Engrams found inside worlds or crafted by Wallace in Ward 13. For those who pre-ordered Remnant II, the same applies to the Gunslinger archetype. You can also equip a second Engram as a subclass.

Stock up on Ammo Boxes and consumables for curing burning and other status effects while in Ward 13. Being well-packed helps you stay flexible when you run out of ammo or decide to fling out a bomb to deal with monsters.

Mods attached to your weapons are just as useful, summoning plant creatures to fight beside you or firing flaming bullets. Choose your mods carefully since you won’t have a lot of them in the beginning. Slowly, as you defeat bosses and find specific crafting materials, you can diversify what mods you can use to fit your archetype.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll get through Remnant II a bit easier for your first playthrough. Eventually, you’ll learn what weapons work best for you and how to safely explore zones with dangerous enemies.