The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth Cheats and Tips


The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth Cheats and Tips



Re-rolling for the Best Start

Re-rolling is one of the only processes by which a new player can get some advantage as soon as they start their account. It is a common practice in gacha games where an efficient start leads to an easier time as you progress. Gacha games are reliant on lucky pulls, however, the same cannot be said for LoTR: Heroes of Middle Earth. This is due to the fact that the game only allows you to get fragments of characters instead of entire characters like majority of the gacha games. Hence, the re-rolling process is not entirely recommended for all players. Still, for players who like to min-max on all resources, it would be efficient to start the game with extra shards of the best characters in the game. 

The re-rolling process refers to creating multiple accounts in hopes of getting your desired hero at the beginning by making use of the pre-registration rewards. Rerolling can be quite time-consuming and not recommended for all players. With the help of BlueStacks Multi-Instance manager, the process time can be reduced significantly as players can play multiple accounts at the same time without the need of spending 10-15 minutes on each account simultaneously. In the long run, methods like re-rolling don’t really give a huge advantage as players can recover many of the resources spent if they actively every day.

Combat Tips – Power is Key!

LoTR: Heroes of Middle Earth is a turn-based game that takes into account the simple mechanics associated with such games. On the exterior, it may seem simple but when you come to understand the different buffs, debuffs, and effects that take into play during battles, it will seem a bit more complicated. To put it simply, the entire battles revolve around clearing multiple waves of enemies and not letting your characters die in battles. There are no particular requirements when it comes to clearing battle stages except to win till the end.  

One big advantage that will help players in their battles is to consistently upgrade their heroes. Being a power-hungry game, LoTR: Heroes of Middle Earth is going to throw tougher enemies as you progress through the campaign. Apart from increasing your character power, you should also create different teams for different factions and elements. For example, you should be having a separate Light and Shadow teams consisting of characters exclusively from Light and Shadow elements. Here are some good F2P (free-to-play) team examples:

  • Lady Eowyn, Strider, Eothain, Eomer, Pippin (LIGHT TEAM)
  • Ghazh Ironhide, Ugluk, Mauhur, Dunhar, Nurraz (SHADOW TEAM)


Don’t Waste your Precious Gold and Gems!

One of the biggest mistakes a new player can do is to immediately spend their resources on summons. It can be quite attractive to spend them in the beginning as you might feel the need to collect more characters as soon as possible. However, that’s where LoTR: Heroes of Middle Earth differs from similar gacha games. It is a fragment collector, where fragments of characters can be farmed simply in-game by repeatedly battling different stages. Gold is one of the biggest bottlenecks in later stages of the games and should be consumed very judiciously unlike other similar games. The costs of upgrading levels of characters skyrockets massively as they are progressed well above 3-Star. 

Hence, bide your time and do not level up every character you own. Focus on a specific set of characters once. Also, do not waste Gold on upgrading gear. Instead, you can purchase supplies from the Arena or Guild shop. Small mistakes such as forgetting to complete dailies can also be punishing in the long run.