The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Cheats and Tips


The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Cheats and Tips


Choose Good Horse Traits

Horses can have three Traits out of the eleven new horse-exclusive ones: Aggressive, Brave, Defiant, Energetic, Fearful, Free Spirit, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Mellow, and Needy. Certain hidden traits are also available only through breeding horses in the game.

  • Aggressive: These Horses are cranky. They act meaner towards Sims and are more difficult to train.
  • Brave: These Horses tend to be stout of heart, uphazed by bad weather or danger. They also have a higher chance of succeeding when using Horse Jumps and Barrels.
  • Defiant: These Horses tend to be more ornery when it comes to training and will develop skills more slowly. They also have a higher likelihood of failing Horse Jumps and Barrels.
  • Energetic: These Horses are full of energy. They gain Athletic skills faster but are slower to gain the Temperament Skill.
  • Fearful: These Horses are scared of everything and will often become spooked. Due to their fearful nature, it will take them longer to gain the Temperament Skill.
  • Free Spirit: These Horses thrive in the open outdoors and will become sad if left inside for too long.
  • Friendly: These Horses love all things social! They are more likely to have positive social interactions.
  • Independent: These Horses are content on their own and don’t need as much attention.
  • Intelligent: These Horses are all-around rapid learners, giving them an increased gain of all skills. As an added bonus, they’re also brilliant conversationalists!
  • Mellow: These Horses prefer relaxing over everything else! Because of their laid-back nature, they are quick to gain the Temperament Skill and slow to gain Athletic skills.
  • Needy: These Horses need social interactions often. They will frequently approach Sims in the hopes of getting their attention.
As you can see, these Traits greatly impact their ability to be trained in the Skills needed to win Competitions. Their Traits also impact their resale value.

Train Your Horse (and your Sim)

Horses can be trained to improve four different skills: Temperament, Agility, Jumping, and Endurance. Their Traits will impact how easy or difficult it is to learn these Skills. For example, if you have a Horse with the Defiant Trait, they will learn Skills necessary for Competitions more slowly. They also have a higher likelihood of failing Horse Jumps and Barrel training.

A Sim’s Riding Level will change their riding animations, and a higher-skilled Sim will be kicked off their horse less frequently.

Spend Time At The Equestrian Center

Sims can take their Horses to the Equestrian Center in Chestnut Ridge to compete in Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Endurance Racing, and Western Pleasure competitions.

Placing well in these competitions allows Sims to try their hand at the Ultimate Horse Championship – the highest division of competition. Placing in competitions grants Sims with Simoleons, plaques, trophies, more, while allowing them to compete in higher divisions and produce better offspring with a higher Value!

Horses must be fed and cared for like any other animal in The Sims 4. Caring for a horse increases that Sim’s bond with them, which further impacts how easily the Sim will be able to ride it.

Breed and Sell Horses

By breeding your Horses, you will have a more successful outcome of acquiring a Horse with a high resale value and one that will win challenging competitions, depending on the success of its parents. By becoming a successful Rancher, you will have an easier time breeding Horses to sell.

If you don’t start off with a Horse in your household right away, there are a variety of ways to acquire one. Two of the main ways are to Purchase or Rescue a Horse. Rescued Horses are cheaper but come with more undesirable Traits that you can eventually train them out of.

A Horse’s Value is determined by their Traits, Skill levels, awards from competitions, and quality of care received. If a Horse has Championship Genes, this will also increase their Value. Selling Horses is a great way to make extra Simoleons.

Raise a Foal

Foals are really cute, but also, easier to befriend and train into the next horse racing champion! Additionally, by breeding your Horses, you may acquire more desirable Traits. Its even rumored that there are a few hidden Traits to gain by breeding successful Horses!

Sims can Breed Adult Stallions or Elder Stallions with an Adult Mare. Elder Mares are unable to breed. You must have a high relationship with both horses to encourage them to breed. Furthermore, the parents must first form a friendly relationship.

Keep in mind that a Pregnant Mare cannot be Mounted, Ridden, or Bred until after the Foal is born.