The Expanse: A Telltale Series Trophies


The Expanse: A Telltale Series Trophies


The Expanse Platinum Trophy

  • Bullseye: Collect all Trophies in The Expanse

The Expanse Gold Trophies

  • Bosmang: Complete all Episodes of The Expanse
  • Scavenger Star: Find all Scavenge items in the game
  • Data Collector: Find all Data Logs in all Episodes
  • No Belter Left Behind: Keep All Possible Crewmates Alive

The Expanse Silver Trophies

  • Urshanabi Hoarder: Complete Episode 1 with all Scavenge items
  • Data Logger: Complete Episode 1 with all Data Logs
  • Debris Spree: Complete Episode 2 with all Scavenge items
  • Data Master: Complete Episode 2 with all Data Logs
  • Grave Robber: Complete Episode 3 with all Scavenge items
  • Data Recoverer: Complete Episode 3 with all Data Logs
  • Data Miner: Complete Episode 4 with all Data Logs
  • Data Archivist: Complete Episode 5 with all Data Logs
  • Drone Dodger: Made it past the Drones in the Mines without being caught
  • Brother’s Reaper: Rayen kills Arlen
  • Heal Thy Medic: Help Virgil overcome his panic attack
  • Miraculous Maya: Keep Maya alive
  • Khan’s Revenge: Keep Khan alive
  • Call it Even: Keep Cox alive

The Expanse Bronze Trophies

  • Captain Drummer: Complete Episode 1 of The Expanse
  • Celebrations are in Order: Complete Episode 2 of The Expanse
  • Impossible Objects: Complete Episode 3 of The Expanse
  • The Pit and the Pirates: Complete Episode 4 of The Expanse
  • Oyedeng, Kogengs: Complete Episode 5 of The Expanse
  • Doctor Approved: Found a Laser Crystal for Virgil
  • Stogie for Fogey: Give Khan a Gift
  • Drug Gifter: Give the Twins some Medicine
  • Spore Taste: Give Virgil the Mushroom Powder
  • Bottoms Up!: Give Cox the Bottle of Scotch
  • Martian Music: Listen to Maya’s Music
  • Thorston Mayer: Discover the truth about Virgil’s past