Disney Illusion Island Cheats and Tips


Disney Illusion Island Cheats and Tips


Pure Platforming Goodness

You have zero combat options in Disney Illusion Island, meaning you must use your platforming prowess to overcome every challenge and obstacle thrown your way.

This makes earning new Abilities crucial, as each one enables you to explore new parts of the world, access Collectibles, and much more. While there are boss encounters, you must use your Abilities to tackle mini-puzzles in the arena rather than use them to attack them directly.

With hints of a Metroidvania, Disney Illusion Island places a strong emphasis on its Abilities, gating off Collectibles and entire regions behind them, so be sure to progress through the main story if you want to see and do everything the game has to offer!

Co-Op Exclusive Abilities

Speaking of Abilities found in Disney Illusion Island, its cooperative play features exclusive actions for you and your friends that will help you tremendously when exploring its vast world.

Four Abilities become available when playing with others, all giving you a slight boost that can go a long way if used strategically and as a team. You can find the rundown on all Co-Op Abilities in the table below!

All Co-Op Exclusive Abilities

Co-Op Ability Description
Hug Adds an extra Heart to you and your teammate’s Health Bar.
Leapfrog Vault over your teammate, increasing your Jump Distance.
Rope Drop One player lowers a Rope off a platform, allowing their teammate to rappel down it to access new areas, gather Collectibles, and more.
Water Teleport Summon a teammate to you when you are submerged underwater.

Accessibility Options

In addition to the extra Co-Op Abilities, you can further tune the game to your liking via its Accessibility Options, which you can tinker with at any point in your playthrough. If you find yourself struggling, don’t be afraid to try out some of these settings to make things more manageable.

Five Accessibility Options can drastically alter your gameplay experience in Disney Illusion Island, all serving the purpose of allowing you to fine-tune the game to your playstyle and needs. You can learn more about every Accessibility Option in the table below!

All Accessibility Options

Accessibility Options Description
Movement Assists Enable Assists for your Jump, Boost Jump, and Wall Cling.
Timed Elements Allows you to adjust the duration for all Timed Elements in the game, enabling you to tune it to your reaction time to avoid frustration.
Hidden Mickey Tells Gives you Visual and Audio Hints when you are near certain Collectibles.
Starting Health Each time you load your save, you can choose your Starting Health, allowing you to start with Two or Three Hearts or even the Metal Heart, granting you Infinite Health.
Subtitle Options Change the Speed, Size, Color, and Opacity of the Subtitles in the game to make the text easier to read if the default isn’t cutting it for you.

How To Discover Hidden Areas