Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Cheats and Tips


Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Cheats and Tips



Embrace the Offer in Your First Playthrough

If you find yourself low on resources during your initial playthrough, don’t hesitate to accept the offer presented towards the end of the game, even if it feels wrong. Double Dragon Gaiden doesn’t take an eternity to complete, allowing you to start afresh with newfound knowledge and skills. So, take the offer, face the challenge, and prepare to emerge stronger in the next attempt.

Tweak the Difficulty Sliders

Don’t shy away from adjusting the difficulty sliders if the game proves too challenging. Double Dragon Gaiden caters to players of varying skill levels, and fine-tuning the difficulty ensures an enjoyable experience without compromising on the excitement. Find the right balance that suits your comfort level and take down the gangs at your own pace.

Choose Marian for a Lighter Difficulty

If you’re looking for a smoother experience with a character that stays out of danger, Marian is your go-to choice. Her adeptness at keeping a safe distance from adversaries makes her an ideal option for newcomers seeking to hone their combat skills. Additionally, her powerful rocket launcher provides excellent crowd control capabilities, allowing you to navigate through tough encounters with greater ease.

Experiment With Other Characters And Embrace Diversity

Experiment with the diverse range of characters available to unlock. Each character offers a unique playstyle, from ranged gun-wielders to close-quarters combat experts. Trying out different characters not only adds variety to your gameplay but also helps you find the fighting style that best suits your preferences. Some characters complement each other wonderfully, and knowing how to play at least two characters significantly increases your odds of success on higher difficulties.

Character Upgrades Are Important, But Don’t Stress About Them

As you progress through the levels and earn money, wisely invest in upgrades to enhance your characters’ abilities. You can choose to specialize in one character or find a balance between the two, tailoring your upgrades to match your playstyle. Be strategic with your choices to maximize your combat potential. Still, don’t get too bogged down on choosing upgrades early on. They only apply to the current run and you likely won’t pick up on the nuances of characters and even your own style until the future anyway.

Get New Stuff From The Token Shop

After completing the game, head to the token shop to convert your hard-earned tokens. The shop offers gameplay modifiers and unlocks additional characters, adding new mechanics to your playthroughs. Utilize the token shop to customize your experience and discover new ways to tackle challenges.